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An oblique question

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Is a TENS machine of any benefit for COPD or Essential Tremors?

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I don't think a tens device would be of much use in treating copd conditions but certainly well worth investigating for treatment of essential tremors if they are nerve related?

Let us know how you get on if you get one,i have used one in the past for my wife's post stroke treatment to try to stimulate nerve paths in a paralyzed shoulder and arm but i might add without any great success.


Hello, interesting question. Guess it might help inCOPD if you have chest pain but would not think that is advisable. Essential hand tremor is a neuralogical deficit present from birth nothing to do with pain and incurable I beleive, as a sufferer with a family inherited trait. Never heard of Tens machines being of any use in either of the illnesses you mention however I am open to any ideas if you have medical proof that it works.

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