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Artificial Intelligence (AI) can detect low-glucose levels via ECG without fingerpick test.

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Tracking sugar in the blood is crucial for both healthy individuals and diabetic patients. Current methods to measure glucose requires needles and repeated fingerpicks over the day. Fingerpicks can often be painful, deterring patient compliance.

· A new technique developed by researchers at the University of Warwick uses the latest findings of Artificial Intelligence to detect hypoglycaemic events from raw ECG signals, via wearable sensors.

· The technology works with an 82% reliability, and could replace the need for invasive finger-prick testing with a needle, which could be particularly useful for paediatric age patients.

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My grandaughter is type 1 and has been wearing a dexcom for 2 years. This reads the levels constantly and I can see them on my phone. They now need to link this with the pump so that insulin is released when the monitor shows it is needed.

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