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I probably will be putting in for a transfer so I can help my mom .it was my dad's wishes.i can't live in that hell hole and have no control of the air I breathe.i will not live with my mom forever I can't die in florida.i will help her and try and put away more money and I will know when the time is right.i have a dream of being in the mountains and woods the last part of my life,it's who I am who I will always be it's part of my being it's my joy and I miss it mom says it's to expensive and impossible but I don't care.never to smell the woods again and be in the mountains to me is dad told me before he died the biggest mistake I made was moving here.he was right cause he knew me and what I loved.i was in terrible pain at the time and pretty sick so j wasn't thinking straight but before I die I will be back in the place I love the most if it kills me.

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