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Copd excurbations.

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Hi all. Hope u are all doing well and keeping ur spirits up. Just a quick question.

Two weeks ago I had chest pain that lasted for a few mins and then when I laid down I could not get air into my lungs. Sat up and waited till I could get enough air to get myself up and stupidly make my way to the hospital. I was seen straight away. Still short of breath pain had gone but when doc listened to my right lung he said he couldn't hear much air moving around. I tried to explain that for a few days I felt that when I took a deep breath only the left lung inflated properly it felt like little air was going in that lung. He ordered an xray which showed my lung was OK not collapsed as he thought. He put it down to an excurbation of my copd and that by the sound of it it was a bacterial infection got 5 days predisnolone 8 white tablets a day and a/b. However after they had run out I still had the symptoms so I saw my own gp who said my lungs sounded clear but as I was still systomatic he would put me on a course of another stronger a/b. I'm over due a review of my copd but I'm worried that like last time my fec1/fvc will have dropped down even lower like last time. ( jumped from 69 to 63). I'm trying to give up and doc has me on the champix tablet fingers crossed.

Anyways my question is this. The excurbation are these the times I have had to have a/b from my gp for chest infections and the thumping pain in my chest and the sweats where I'm drenched just hoovering a carpet? Or do they only count hospital visits.? Any advice would be great.

3 Replies

Your gp could give you a rescue pack of steroid and antibiotics but it could be a good idea to take a sputum sample to your doc when you next have a chest infection. That can then be tested and the right antibiotic given.

Wishing you better days ahead. Xxxxx


A gp prescribing steroid and antibiotics for chest infection would almost certainly be on your record as an exasabation of the condition.1 directly following another maybe considered just a continuation of the original hospital diagnosed one. If it matters to you how it is seen, ie for travel insurance or similar, then best to clarify with your go what he/she has entered on your record.


I’m so sorry you’re unwell, Your initial chest pain that eventually went away was likely gas. The gasping for air I know they seem to have a laundry list of ailments to call it. I personally see in myself I smoked too long and my body is really holding a grudge and punishing me and all I can do is try to take better care of it now. As we are all different we are also the same. I guess you go with the doc you trust most and just follow their directions. My acupuncturist seems to be my best healthcare provider: he can usually help me breath right in about 15 minutes but tells me to combine doctors opinions and figure out which routine works best and not to stress out on it too much since that seems to make it so much worse. And yes if doc gave you medecine you had an exacerbation you don’t have to necessarily go to the hospital every time. I hope that was the answer to what you were asking. Although I do live in the USA and so I can’t always be sure your country sees it the same as here nor am I a doctor. Hope you get to feeling better right away.


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