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ASA adjudication on Aerosure

ASA ruling on Aerosure Medic device:

Two complainants challenged whether the claims that the Aerosure Medic device was “SCIENTIFICALLY-TESTED TO REDUCE BREATHLESSNESS” and “using clinically tested breathing therapy” were misleading and could be substantiated.

The complaints were upheld by the Advertising Standards Association.

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The advert sounds rather silly. I don’t use mine for breathlessness but as an acapella device to loosen the gunk when I have a particularly difficult bronch exacerbation. For that it is brilliant as the motor takes a lot of the effort out of it.


Same here - much less tiring than other methods. I have been using mine since following your recommendation.

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I’m glad that it works for you.


Works for me too. 👍


I bought one recently.....I did waver for ages as so expensive.

Easy to use and does loosen stuff.


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