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I was hospitalized in May of this year with a chest infection that partially collapsed my lung.. I have never had this before and since it happened i am having a lot of trouble breathing. I cant do anything around the house without having to sit down and try to get my breath. I have a ventolin inhalor and one puff a day on anoro ellipta, but it dont seem to help much.. Can anyone tell me how long does it take to get over things like this, or am i like this for life now..I feel so depressed at the moment...

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My son had a collapsed lung a few years back. The good thing about it is that he gave up smoking for good, but he's had no problems since his recovery. It may take a while for your lungs to get back to normal.


I do hope it gets better because i have never had such shortness of breath and i get in such a panic...especially when i wake up in the mornings, but thank you for your reply



I have never had a collapsed lung but I would imagine that it does take time for things to settle down. Have you a follow up appointment at the hospital? Could you GP advise you on what to be expecting and possibly review your inhalers?

Just suggestions, but what I really wanted to say is that I understand the feeling of anxiety and panic when breathlessness is severe. It often gets to me too in that way. I hope that you soon feel better xx

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Hi and welcome.....I suggest that you consult your health professional again.....were you given a follow up check with a consultant after your hospital admission.

Your GP can listen to your chest and check your lungs. I don't know how many puffs of Ventolin you take a day...explain how many you need to the doctor.

Maybe your medication needs reviewing .

The BLF have a helpline open during office hours on 03000 030 555.

Take care.

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Thank you for your reply....I was told to have an x ray 6 weeks after leaving hospital , which is what i have done but i have had nothing from the hospital as yet. I have made a appointment to see my doctor tomorrow so hopefully she may have some results.


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