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Hats off to Mr Amazon.


Three cheers for Mr Amazon

What a friend he’s been

He always comes to see me

When not a soul l’ve seen

With his big cardboard boxes

With tiny things inside

That use the load of packing

To play around and hide.

He never goes to sleep at night

You can order really late

Knowing that for certain

He’ll be next day at your gate

If by any chance you’re out

He doesn’t bat a lid

He’ll knock up all your neighbours

Till one will do as bid.

So if you’re ever lonely

A friend you’ll never lack

If you don’t want his parcel

You can always send it back

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Don you’ve made me smile again

As only you can do

Your poetry is amazing

Thank goodness there is you.

Well done! Xxx 😘👍😀

Super don, just the morning for a jolly good ode. Jane


LOL...I always say don’t drink & Prime!

Love reading these funny rhymes in the morning Don , thank goodness you decided not to retire xx

Absolute genius Don,

I keep getting tempted

to reply in rhyme

but I know I would never match

Don when in his Prime. ☺

Good morning Mr.D and you've made me chuckle once again😆! Isn't it Amazon.that pays no or very little tax to our government?.Apart from that, I'm not a regular user but they've certainly grown into huge commercial business.😜

I believe that has been said about them though I’ve never checked their accounts personally. 🙄

😂😂😅😂😂 🚚📦📦

So true Don. I love Amazon but only because the shops don’t stock everything they used to. As you say if you can’t get out it arrives the very next day x

Well master Po i'm shocked this is so surprising

That you have now started afresh with advertising

Scruffs eagerly awaits services by prime

Because she thinks their boxes are sublime

And of course she chide's i should remember

That i am in fact a paid up member.

Clever poem Master P,who will be the next sponsor? :) x

Don-1931 in reply to skischool

I’m not the only one to barter

I’ve seen your’s for Chocolata 😉

Yes, Amazon’s a regular visitor here too. I ordered a plastic medieval sword for my grandson, to go with the chainmail and helmet he talked me into once we’d climbed the hill to the castle on Monday (phew, took the pensioners bus back!) Anyway the Amazon box for the slim sword was ginormous, with us playing bran tubs trying to find it in all the heap of crumpled brown paper.....such a waste, but good fun for the little one....🥳😁🎁 Thanks, Don, for keeping the rhymes going, they always brighten my day.....along with grasshopper’s treats 👍🤜🤛 🌟

I have had 2 Amazon deliverys today, I do use Sainsburys and Ocado, and "second hand" clothing from Ebay, but Amazon the most. Since I no longer have a husband around getting rid of the boxes is difficult. Window shopping on their site is enjoyable, problem for will power though, not buying !!

Did you order your new gnashers on Amazon oh Venerable One?🤣🤣☺️

Yes, I tried them out and didn’t Iike them so sent them back. 😘

This made me laugh. I read it to my son and granddaughter and they laughed to.



Oh lordy - you have just described me Cap'n - however I am cancelling Prime at the end of this month as it makes it too easy to spend - much better to wait until one amasses Amazon items over £20 and then place the order - at least that way you can mull it over and decide if you really need/want it :-)

Love a bit of Amazon 😁😁xx

Great Don :)

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