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Bronchiectasis and Asthma

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Hey I’m new here,

I first was diagnosed with asthma when I was about three and after repeated trips with chest infections and pneumonia they worked out I had bronchiectasis at the age of 18ish. I had more pneumonia infections which led to my left lower lung to be scarred, and then after loads of steroids, I chose to have my lower left lobe removed at the age of 20.

Long story short I moved hospital treatments due to moving house and areas, I got seen today and she basically told me I now have bronchiectasis combined with asthma. It’s more the asthma now that’s not being controlled but I’ve always had treatment for the bronchiectasis side of things.

At the moment I feel I can’t breathe great, like there’s reduces breathing and the inhalers (Pink and blue) aren’t doing a great deal (only had them today but hoped for better results) what do any of you think. By the way I’m only 25.

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Welcome to this forum. There are several here with bronchiectasis and are very well informed. Some, like you, have had it since childhood and are going strong-(ish) at well over twice your age.

All the best


Hi i am like u i have same condtions and have had asthma since i was 2 and the bronchiectasis was diagnosed back in 1990 and have been on nebulisher since then my consultant is very good as she tries to keep on top if it .

My question to u is are u under the care of a consultant ,if not u need tontry to be also if the inhalers dont wtk ask if u cud be put on nebs hope this helps take care

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Wba_25 in reply to Kiaman08

Hi thanks for replying back to me. Yes I’m under a new consultant I saw her yesterday, but the thing is there was no checking my breathing she just blatantly said I looked awful.

I wanted a ct scan because she still has no scans to me previous hospital, and doesn’t believe me that it’s in my right lung.

And we spent half the session speaking to me about the eating side and mental health, because I know it plays a part of getting better but I literally can’t just eat right now.

I’m honestly not sure what to do other then getting a second opinion?

I think that the co-morbidity asthma and bronchiectasis is common problem as co-morbidity of COPD and bronchiectasis.As pulmonologist I have followed a lot of patients with asthma and bronchiectasis and I have noticed that most patients have tubular type of bronchiecatasis compared with cystic form .In these patients most severe manifestation is severe uncontrolled asthma than exacerbation of infection and inhaled corticosteroids and also systemic corticosteroids might be helpful for such patients without provocation of the infection

As a patient I would wish that you medics would stop using the term’morbidity’. It may make you feel that you are using professional language but it alienates patients like me who spend a lifetime LIVING with these conditions and hate the the inference that we are dying of them.

I am in the same boat but recently by a nurse I told her my symthoms I don't get out of breath but just have a tite chest some days now the nurse haS TOLD ME I don't have copd I am a nymic to and she said my irion was low on lung function tests which can gv a false reading since she told me that I have not had a tite chest since mind over matter as when I was diagnose with copd I never had a problem with breathing also I have found a way to clear mucus of my chest breath in asw far as you can hold air for 3 seconds than blast air out of your chest with through your mouth breathing out very fast it rattles all the the mucus goo and frees the stiky stubcance out of your lungs and spit it out do it till your lungs are free of the crap and watch your breathing b so much free and easy

Hi and welcome. I am a lifetime bronch, diagnosed at 3 and am 69 and still giving it plenty.It does sound as though it is your asthma which is not being controlled at the moment although I am surprised that your new consultant has not ordered a new ct scan to check on the extent and the area of the bronch or, it seems, done anything to adjust your treatment of either condition, given that you are struggling. Quite frankly, conversations about eating and mental health are a waste of hot air when it is the physical side of things which you need fixing. She seems to have left you with as little support as you had before you went to her.

When you say that your bronch is controlled at the moment do you mean that you are not coughing up mucus or mucus that is coloured? Basically breathlessness from asthma comes from the restriction of the airways whilst that caused by bronch is due to mucus in the lungs and airways. As you live in your body, only you can tell which it is and the treatment is totally different for each of them. Steroids for asthma, antibiotics and physiotherapy for bronch.

Check on the woman you saw to make sure that she is either an asthma or a bronch specialist. Ideally you need both to cooperate with each other or a true bronch specialist who will be knowlegable in asthma too. If not, find your own bronch specialist on the internet. They are usually at big teaching hospitals. Take the name to your GP and insist on a referral. Good luck.

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Wba_25 in reply to Littlepom

Hey thanks for replying, no so I knew I had a little asthma but however not this much. All the time going in it would be about the bronchiectasis never asthma, so my asthma wouldn’t be under controlled as it never came up.

It was only recently I looked back at my notes to see.

Yeah, she only mentioned it because of blood tests, but it was just the way she said ‘you look really sad’.

It’s controlled, I’m coughing things up but I’ve had this cough and sleepless nights up to 6 months! It’s so bad it’s affected work

Thank you

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Littlepom in reply to Wba_25

I still think that you need somebody who will help to control your asthma. Then maybe you wouldn’t lookso sad. She obviously didn’t listen to you when you said that you have this cough that has been keeping you awake for six months

Hi Wba and welcome from another member with lifelong bronchiectasis and more recently asthma and like you I also had a lobectomy when I was 15.

Like Littlepom I was surprised to hear of your consultation and agree you should check out a consultant who has a special interest in bronciectasis.

At a first consultation I would expect good history taken, referal to a respiratory physio to check you are up to date with the most effective technique for lung clearance for you to do yourself daily and possibly a referral to an immunologist. Bloods taken, an examination and a review of all your medication, discuss your options and a plan of action.

I assume your blue inhaler is a reliever but not sure if the pink is a steroid inhaler or a preventer.

I hope you find someone with whom you feel confident in and also feel supported.


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Wba_25 in reply to cofdrop-UK

Hey thanks for replying, it’s nice to hear I’m not the only younger person that someone has had a lobectomy. Yeah I didn’t realise about that you see, I’ve now got her to push for a CT scan, so waiting for that and had bloods to see for infection.

Yeah the blue is reliever and pink is steroid and can be used as reliever I didn’t quite understand.


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cofdrop-UK in reply to Wba_25

You might want t check out the inhalers with your pharmacist.


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