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Drunks , God love em !!!


Well it's stupid o'clock (03.58) and a couple arguing ( God knows how far they are away as I cant distinguish what they are actually shouting at each other) have broke my slumber ( and how many others is hard to imagine I am kinda of hoping a mob of villagers with pitch forks and flaming torches to appear and drive them off 😀) ,as I type my newly opened window brings blessed relief to what I call" dead air " with the mornings cool crisp thick oxygenated air ahhh,well the birds are up singing their praises to the new day ( that couple are gradually fading from their rude intrusion into my world) and a quiet peaceful contentment has once again arrived

Their is no real point to this post but I find distraction helps with the dyspnea so if I've rambled on to long ( and your still here) may you recieve a little of the ease of breathing and a stillness I'm feeling right now ( actually if there was snow on the ground to me it would feel like xmas morning )

Have a good day everyone breath easy and always take care of the basics .

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Enjoy the rest of your day , after your early start.

I have the windows open too , but all I can hear are the doves cooing......apart from the background noise of my nuisance tinnitus , that is.

sassy59 in reply to knitter

I sympathise with you knitter, my tinnitus is like a water tank filling up, nuisance it is but I can ignore it for the most part. Have a good day. Xxxxxxx

soulboy118 in reply to knitter

Thanks will do

Wishing you a peaceful day soulboy and fresher air too. It was too hot here yesterday but not so bad today it seems.

Take care xxxxxx

soulboy118 in reply to sassy59


Let's hope you get a better sleep tonight soulboy. It is a bit cooler today which is a blessing at the moment. X 😊

soulboy118 in reply to Patsy164

It is much cooler

For a moment there I could feel that lovely cool breeze you so eloquently describe....mmm lovely .If only that precious dawn breeze could heal our lungs I would be breathing it in every morning. :-) Have a little snooze today to catch up if you are able.Enjoy your day xx

soulboy118 in reply to Comino2

Having a nice chill

Comino2 in reply to soulboy118

Thats good...enjoy xx

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