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rna cells and bronchiectasis


Hi. Check out Science daily. There is an article on lung disease. Cant pretend to understand it completely but here goes. Researchers have found a way to deliver rna (this is a form of dna in mitachondrial cells) anyway, this rna can deliver certain proteins to the lungs which help the lung cells to function properly. They have shown it can work in dry powder form which is then easily administered to the lung cells. Check it out you may have a better understanding than me. Anyway something to offer hope!

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Do you have a link please?


tried to attach the link but couldnt do it. (am hpoeless at technology)!if you go to science daily and then to the health section you should find it there. Also fould something in the American lung institute about another study again looking at proteins ablilty to repair bronchial cell walls. Dont think they ate the same because rna wasnt mentioned in the last one. Think one of these may be included in bbronchiectasis news on Monday. Let me know what you think, it may be clearer to you. Thanks Sue.

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I posted the story last weekend.


Hi I post everyday on twitter the medical science.re RNA that is on the other side of the DNA and becomes blood bone etc the DNA is 1m long and folds its self into 5 micron

it is a very interesting subject and new things are being discovered every day.

I post anything I think will be interesting on here.I hope you keep watching that site and enjoy all the good work they do. best regards Tom

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