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Hiatal hernia concerns


I was having trouble breathing that sent me to the emergency room 4 times in 1 week I was given multiple diagnosis to which none of the treatments worked....finally they fast tracked me too a gastroenterologist and given an endoscopy to which they found an hiatal hernia and diagnosed with gerd, i was given the treatment of 2 40mg Prilosec daily which offered temporary relief but after eating and in between Prilosec dosages I would still get an extreme urge to burp along with a feeling of a bulge or pressure in my neck, upper back near shoulder blade, in under armpit all on left side it not a severe pain but it almost feels like air bubbles or something, I also have trouble urinating and when trying to move bowels I feel a pulling in my upper abdomen and chest does anybody have a clue what else could be going on with......it's so bad I have been eating very little as to not bring on these symptoms im very scared im getting weak and losing weight....im only 34yrs old and was fairly healthy less than a 2 months ago...please help

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Hey kid check this out first tip learn how to talk to the Dr, bring your pen and pad of paper, have questions written down to ask along with your specific ailments. When doc comes back w/diagnosis ASK “why”, “how did it happen”, “ what caused or triggered it”, even if it’s a half ass Dr most of the questions should be answered in their opening statement( Dr/lawyer ) haha.Then if you don’t feel like it’s a rock sold answer ask the good doctor to SHOW you what method they used to gain that conclusion. It does sound like your full up on gas hence the weird pains and burping . Are you passing gas from below as well?

Have you noticed a change in how food tastes? Has somebody checked you out thouroughly? Because we got a lotta stuff in there-some vital to our existence and some I call”spare parts” like appendix and gallbladder. The gastro should be the one to know but whatever you do DONT starve yourself and get your body to weak to fight. That’s what happens to a lot of us more mature folks and has been known to be the death of us hence withering away to nothing. Eat SUPER healthy you will see a change for the better. I’ve had a lot of the things you describe but the pain in your chest/zipper abs, the neck shoulder blade under armpit, all legitimate symptoms of a heart attack but the dumbest Dr would’ve ruled that out first. I’m not a doctor I’ve just been a very sick puppy a bunch of times so on that good luck do keep us posted-PS merry christmas

Thanks for your reply, yes with my mutiple trips to the emergency room( x-rays, an MRI, and blood test) doctors pretty much assured me that it was not my heart or lungs I also noticed that a good burp, passing gas, or moving my bowels slightly improved my syptoms but I find it hard to conjur up either and merry Christmas to you too

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Do you drink a lot of fizzy drinks, or eat a lot of high fat foods? Diet can make a real difference to the amount of wind people produce.

I'm on a very high fibre diet and drink lots of fluids because many of the meds I take cause constipation. That causes a lot of wind but it passes through the system easily, causing no pain but an occasional red face.

Try changing to a healthy diet if you are not already following one, and drinking herbal teas to aid digestion (fennel, liquorice and peppermint, etc). See if that helps. As Sandyeggo warned, not eating properly is not a good option.

Wishing you all the best. Do let us know how you get on.

Can I ask when you take the Prilosec?

I usually take 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening around 6 or 7pm


I understand that Prilosec serves the same purpose as Omeprazole (cutting down the amount of acid). I'm generally not one to read instructions and, for years, I found that I was getting little relief from the medication. I have now found the proper way to take same. 1) Take 1 hour before eating, 2) Do not drink ANYTHING while eating - wait until you have finished and 3) Stay clear of fizzy drinks. Using that process helped greatly with the reflux, bloating and other symptoms. There is no harm in trying it for a week or so and, if the symptoms remain, go to see your doctor. Hope you get well soon.

Do you take drugs to thin your mucus because they give you wind ,or rather they do me. Go back again to the doctors

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