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Very Strange

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Was sat watching TV last night and suddenly felt something on my tongue. I got a tissue and found it was a blood clot and the tissue became full of fresh blood. Hadn't been coughing beforehand and fine since. I've kept the tissue in a plastic bag. Anyone had the same experience ? Also want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Healthy and happy New Year ⛄️🎂🍀🎄🍷

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Hi joyce74 .

I'm not quite sure what happened with your tongue but maybe you cut it somehow? I have cut my tonsil by accident with a piece of very hard french bread. 😔

Merry Christmas to you too. xx 🎄💓🎄💓🎄💓🎄💓

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joyce74 in reply to Caspiana

About to check with 111 thank you for your quick response xx

Not come down from your nose ......have you had a cold or sinus problems?

Do you think it would be an idea to check with 111, have you had a blood clot or streaks before from your lungs?

Best check with 111 to put your mind at rest.

Christmas wishes to you too.

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joyce74 in reply to knitter

Thank about to phone them

Morning Joyce, I have lots of Little fresh Blood Clots from my Nose,(every day), I assume it's because of my cannula. Get it sorted Hun. Merry Christmas to you also, all the Best for 2019. xxxxx

Do you mean loose lump of blood as though it's come from somewhere else?

I used to get blood blisters on the soft tissue of mouth and throat from scratchy food, crisps, crusty French bread for years. Once had one that swelled to golf ball size from a fish bone. That was scary, to see when I looked in the mirror, I had to get my son to stab it to breath. I never told a doctor as it was so weird, just avoided scratchy stuff.

I'm now convinced that it was to do with Seretide because since changing inhaler 2 years ago it's not happened once.

Good luck Joyce. I too am thinking about calling lll, got a chest infection & the surgery is closed grrr

Thank you. I phoned 111 and they sent an ambulance . I'm sat in A@E waiting to see a doctor. I am feeling fine . Can't see it being anything serious .

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You did the right thing keeping it, hope you are feeling better. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year . Please take care and if you are concerned please seek medical help. 😊 Bernadette xx

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joyce74 in reply to Damon1864

Thank you I'm feeling fine awaiting an X-ray. Best wishes for you too xx

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Let us know how you are getting on.

Could be just the nose I hope 💕

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joyce74 in reply to

It wasn't my nose, or gums , throat,doctor said needed X-ray to see if anything else needed. It was fine, nothing new showed. Sats etc fine and husband picked me up at lunch time. About to go to one of our daughters for an Xmas dinner feel I've just passed an MOT. Hope you are doing well Fran 😘

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Ok so that’s good news..Christmas dinner and early night 😃💕

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