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O2 levels while sleeping


Hello Everyone,

So I am still struggling with some symptoms ( chest pains, Back Pains, feeling tired) so I asked for an over night oxygen test. Results came back normal according to my GP with one exception. I was at 78% o2 for one minute during the entire study which I believe I wore the device for two nights.

Now it is an outlier, and yes I might have been in a deep sleep, but 78% is worry some to a worry some guy like myself. I'd like to know your feedback on this and what you think my next steps should be. I hope everyone is having a good day. I asked for the results to be sent to my pulmonologist that I was working with,

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Thanks Red. I don't have the results on hand but I would imagine that if I did an average I should be within limits. Just don't like those kid of outliers on my report. I am trying to move forward and get back on track. But when you feel off, you feel off. Know what I mean?

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