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Hi everyone. I only joined a week ago and that was for support, and yet already I have a ?

I would be grateful for any comments please.

I was referred to a Respiratory nurse last week and she has changed my


So before I try it I would be grateful for any comment, no matter how short.

Many thanks indeed, I am loving the sense of support I get from this site.

Thanks to everyone who posts.

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Hi Whitechinchilla,everyone reacts to different medications,it is all about trial &error,you may find that Fostair is fine for you,with minimal side effects,I personally found that when I was changed over to Fostair I had chest pains &also breathlessness,which I did not have on symbicort,so I am now back on symbicort,although it still causes me to cough,but that is my only side effect with symbicort & that was the reason Ihad asked for a change,but I think all medications do have some form of side effects so we have to try &work out which one is most beneficial for us with the least side effects,people have different reactions to medications...I do hope all works out well for you Whitechinchilla,& good luck to you for the future...x

Thanks Primrose. You are of course absolutely right.

I have a tendency to become anxious about new meds so yes I will have to try it and see what happens! I am interested in your comments about your cough as that has been one of my biggest complaints.

Tonight’s first dose will tell!

Thanks again and good wishes

Hi Whitechinchilla, regarding my cough,I have had asthma for 10 years now & I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis 2 years ago, I am on symbicort for my asthma,&I find that each morning after taking it I cough constantly for about 15 mins,the same applies in the evening,I have tried various other other inhalers but have come to the conclusion that symbicort has the least side effects for me, my bronchiectasis has been diagnosed as mild so I know the cough is definitely a side effect of the symbicort,my friend has been on symbicort for many years &has absolutely no cough & no side effects,in general I do think it is one of the best inhalers even although I have the cough but as I said Whitechinchilla it is all trial & error...I wish you well & hope all works out well for you!!! God bless..x

I didn’t do at all well with Fostair, but I was as bad with Clenil Modulite. Apparently Fostair contains Clenil (or the same drugs anyway) plus something else. Neither suited me at all but if you’re doing well with Clenil maybe Fostair will be equally good for you.

Thank you so much for your time and comments. Best wishes.


I have no problems with Fostair whitechinchilla (love the name) I was given it instead of seretide.

Whitechinchilla in reply to Hidden

Thank you that is encouraging to hear poemsgalore1.

Good wishes

Patchpoppy2 in reply to Hidden

Snap. I have been fine on it

I use Fostair, it suits me fine and would be lost without it, I certainly would not be able to work without it.

Thank you so much. The encouragement is wonderful.

Good wishes and stay well.

Thank you so much. That is encouraging to hear. Best wishes

I hate fostair but doctors refuse to change it telling me "it helps you to breathe". Same with Spivira both give me some nasty side effects but have to put up with then. Not all doctors are like mine, they know I have recently been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis and sent me a leaflet on it. Trouble is I don't think they a have read it themselves.

Fostair has worked very well for me.

I have tried several inhalers. None worked until I tried Symbicort. Literally I went from complete fatigue and low oxygen levels and trouble breathing and it has improved my breathing a lot even before being diagnosed and going on prednisone. But I agree each person is different and I also think it depends on the diagnosis as to which inhaler works best. I think for me the combination of 2 medications in symbicort made the difference as ones like Alvescor and others did not help. Good luck. If it doesn't work you can always change until you find the right one!

Thanks rottiro1. You are so right that we are all so different and yes I guess I must be patient and persevere with it, best wishes and keep well.

I left a post last week about it in fact, as I started on it recently and it gives me terrible headaches. My breathing has improved though! I have cut my dose from 2 puffs to 1 (2x per day) to try and alleviate the headache. Good luck!!

Hi Hellodolly. Thanks for your comments. My breathing is my biggest problem so I have good hopes now. Best wishes and take good care of yourself.

hi whitechincilla I was changed to fostair over a year ago and my health has improved. I don't get any side effects apart from bruising which appears on my limbs though I think that is now due to long term steroid use. x

Snap, similar problems.

Thanks for your comments Patchpoppy2. Stay well

Hi there. More encouraging comments, thank you so much and I hope your health continues to remain good. Best wishes

Hi Whitechinchilla

I've just been through a week on a new inhaler and boy it didn't work for me.

Back on my old one, new doc thought it wasn't working but I had to assure him it was.

Best Wishes and Welcome :-)

Hi there. Oh I just love your name!!!!!

Thanks for the comments, very much appreciated. Good wishes

Hola yo uso simbycort desde hace 5 años. Y no tuve que ampliar la dosis uso una a la mañana y otra a la noche. Suerte con tu tratamiento

Thanks so much. Stay well.


Hi glad you joined us on this forum. I was moved onto Fostair by the local hospital but they insisted that I inhaled it through a spacer. Laterly they then said I would feel more benefit if it was inhaled using a giant spacer which allows for the med to come into the system at a slower rate and do more good. I have changed over to the large spacer and boy is it big, you don't carry this around except in a shopping bag. I therefore only use it in the morning and evening sessions. The rest of the time ventolin is the inhaler of the day.

I don't really feel any different from using other inhalers to be honest, I don't suddenly feel full of life.


Hi iKeith. Thank you for the welcome. For the first time in a year I don’t feel so alone as if I am fighting this battle on my own. That is amazing. I know what you mean, I always want the quick fix but that is never going to happen.

Your comments about spacers interest me. I was recently given a smaller one but don’t feel it delivers quite the same, but maybe I’m too fussy!!!

Take care and good wishes

Fostair is the best inhaler I've ever used - and I've had a lot of them; I get bruising on my arms but never thought it might be connected to inhalers. Won't worry about it, just wear long sleeves - which I mostly do cos my skin doesn't fit as well as it used to.

Oh I love your comment about your skin, that’s so sweet. Mine is so thin after t@king steroids that it doesn’t take much to bruise so yes let’s keep covering them up. Thanks for the encouragement. Best wishes

been on it a few years now think its great certainly helps and easy to take xx

More encouraging news, thank you undone.

Good wishes

Apologies for mis spelling your name undine.

Hi Whitechinchilla.

I’m on Fostair and have no problems at all. In fact before I went on it I was on qvar and had breathing problems. I’ve now have found that it has now resolved.

Thanks Mavary. I am so encouraged by everyone’s comments. Keep well and good wishes

Hi. I am using Fostair. Have found that things have improved.

Good Luck

Thanks hoping2improve. I love your name,

I had my first doses this morning so am also hoping to improve!

Very best wishes and thank you for replying.

I missed this post first time round. Hope that by now Fostair is working well for you.

I've been on Fostair almost two years and it's been utterly brilliant. I don't get the hideous bruising I used to get from using Seretide, rarely need ventolin. Fostair is licenced to use more or less as the needs change. Currently two puffs with spacer twice daily but the minute infection is cleared I'll drop to one puff twice daily. Using a spacer gives you 50% more of the medication than not using one, as long as you draw it in slowly without making the spacer 'whistle'! P

Thanks but my spacer always whistles and the nurse said I was breathing too quickly but I’m still trying to master it. That’s a good tip to drop the doseage as needed. Thx for that, keep well and holiday good wishes.

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