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First visit to Pulmonary rehab

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I was recommended by my GP ages and ages ago to go on a PR course, and it took a very long time to be invited to attend a suitability assessment. At the assessment the physio/ nurse in charge agreed that although I would probably benefit from the course she was reluctant to accept me for a placement as my heart rate is always very high,( usually above 125 ) , she said that it would be better if I saw a Cardiologist and got the ok.

As it happened I had just see my chest consultant who had ordered an ECG and an ultrasound test. And last week I went to see the Cardiologist regarding the results. Apparently the right side of my heart is slightly enlarged through pressure due to bad gas transfer and slower blood flow through the right side of the heart due to knackered lungs, this is primarily the cause of the high heart rate.

Anyway I asked if this would prevent me attending the PR course and he said no, SO last Wednseday I rang the PR team up and started on the first day of my course today. It was a very scared and nervous me who turned up at 13:00, but after the first excercises I really began to see how beneficial this is going to be.

I'm going to put a post on here twice a week to let anyone who is interested know what I have been made to do, how hard/ easy it was ,and how ( or not ) it is beneficial.

Bye for now. Chris.

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Glad it’s all going well Chris and hope you make good progress. Xxxx

Putting a regular post up will be very helpful to others just starting out with PR Chris. Hope you carry on ok - Im would think your heart rate will come down a bit when your muscles are stronger and not having to work so hard. They will be able to use whatever oxygen you have better so it wont be such a struggle. Look forward to hearing more - good luck.

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Great news for you Chris. It will be very helpful to hear about your experiences on the PR course. I can’t remember any negative comments about the courses and many, many on the benefits.

It'll be good to read of your progress Chris. xx

Hello Chris. I have been on here banging on about Pulmonary rehab and how beneficial I found it. I have got emphysema and copd and have been going to rehab for just over a year. The first 6 weeks was on the NHS the rest of the time I go once a week and have to pay, where I live they call it Pulmonary rehab maintenance. I found it so beneficial I would encourage everybody to do it. You also meet a lot of nice people and can swap stories about what helps u and what helps them. I am not sure if they do the maintenance program everywhere but it’s worth asking if u find it beneficial. After saying all that I I am on a break from it at the moment as I had a hip replacement last Friday but as as I can I will be back. Hope I haven’t bored u. Keep up the good work and best wishes from this end mate. 👍🤓🏋️‍♂️

Hope you’re doing well after your op 👍

hi chris ive just completed a 9 week course at pulmonary rehab and learnt more there than any visit's to my gp my heart rate went up to 127 doing exercise's on 4th week, i was told to sit down and carefully monitered until it was an acceptable level to carry on

Hi there, thanks for your contribution. Perhaps my COPD is a bit more advanced than yours, my heart rate is always over a hundred and at the moment I am sat on the edge of my bed having walked 6 or 7 paces back from the Loo. Been here foe 5 mins and checked my heart rate, it's varying wildly between 83 and 119 bpm.

It's not unusual to see nearer 130 ,but it generally is all over.

Stay well.

Regards . Chris.

Just started my course- brilliant! Good luck with yours.


Good luck with your pulmonary rehabilitation which I have also done in the past and yes it was really beneficial. I live in East Yorkshire and found out that Dove House Hospice in Hull do a Wellbeing Course which is pretty much what is offered by the council. I will be starting my 4th course soon as I love it so much at the hospice. They just allow about 6-8 people on the course so it is easy to get to know everyone. The hospice offer so much and it is all free. They have clubs for everyone, people with illnesses, carers, but also Friday friends which is for anyone. They offer complimentary therapy. Breathlessness clinics. Dietary help. Social workers if you need support. Obviously there is the hospice ward. Plus much more. Thought I would tell people about it as I didn’t know that the Hospice offered all these things. Have a great day all. Karen

That's brilliant. Glad you can do the PR and you can already see the benefit. Look forward to your further posts Chris x


Hi & welcome. Glad you have ventured onto a rehab course it will bring benefits for you, exercises can also be done at home. You will feel tired & ache a little until the body gets used to using muscles it had forgotten. Keep it up.


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