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Morning phlegm/sputum/mascus turning dark red?


I've had quite a serious hayfever reaction couple of weeks ago due to house move and I've been having very thick phlegm(?) every morning since then, after I cleaned my throat for a couple of time so I assume I came from lungs? Sometime it's so thick it make me gag....I also notice the colour been turning from fresh red to brown to dark red (attached) in a week and I have to breath slightly harder than usual. Should I worry?

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Consult with your doctor - looks to me like you have a serious infection going on which will require treatment asap.

Drink plenty of water

If you have the carbocisteine take that but see your doc as a priority. If you get into real difficult breathing during the night phone emergency or if unsure if it is an emergency contact the 111 service

Any blood from lungs, throat, mouth or stomach should be checked by a Doctor. If no GP appointment available, go to walk in clinic at the hospital if you are able to, if no one available to drive you, then taxi or ambulance if needed. Do not delay it’s better to seek help and be treated than to die.

With phlegm can aslo be cardio - valves just found out !

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