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Thank you for the add

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Hi my name's Sue and I no longer work . I am 50 with 3 grown up children who work and live abroad. I have empysemia very severe stage. Thank you x

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Hi Sue

This group is great to ask questions to as we are all in the same boat and have health problems with our lungs. Welcome.

Hi. Sue. Welcome. Like you kids gone my eldest has her own place not far away. So she does pop when she remembers to she is so busy with work and friends. We lost our son throughout a rare illness. He was around when I was first diagnosed with copd. My hubby been brilliant took early retirement to look after me. I'm in a wheelchair some days they are looking into the idea of lung transplant but the thought shared. Anyway we as a group hel each other along. Any questions ask and someone may be able to help. They have helped me. Even though I thought I thought my questions sounded silly but it turns out it's always worth asking. Welcome aboard Sue

Thank you very much for the lovely welcome.

Welcome to HU Sue. This is a great place to be for kind and caring advice and empathy.

Hoping to hear more from you soon. Xxx

Thank you

Welcome to the group, Sue. I've learned such a lot from other members of this site about looking after myself with moderate COPD. I'm sure you will too. All the best.

Thank you

Welcome hope you enjoy having our company

Take care

Dorothy Xx

Thank you

I also have the same I do not know how severe it is my Dr. just tells me I am holding about the same? But am on oxygen 24/7, With Gods help I try and take one day at a time.

I hope it is not to bad for you with severe.


Thank you I'm fine . Good days and bad days but I had them before I had copd . 😁

just piped in to say hi sue I'm at very severe stage too but holding on in there not on oxygen and supposedly been out forward for lung volume surgery ! Take good care regards Davy boy xx

Thank you and great news about LVR x

Hi Sue I’m Lyn welcome to this friendly and informative site, feel free to ask any questions, There’s normally someone with the answers

Thank you

Hi Sue, Welcome from an Ex Expat. I'm Emphysema stage 4, Listed for Transplant, just had valves inserted. Doing well, Being Positive, Trying to be good with Exercises. Yes, Sue you will learn a Lot from our wonderful Members on here at HU. Best Wishes. xxx

Great news you are listed I hope you don't have too long to wait x. I was referred last year for transplant . After all tests and continuous rehab (which I loved ) it was decided not to be. Take care and definatley stay positive as I think positivity works as good as any medicine .

Very best wishes Sue. You will be very pleased you took the plunge and joined hu. It is very informative and supportive.

Thank you

Hi Sue, welcome to the site you'll find everybody friendly and helpfull, you'll also have a laugh along the way xxx Peg

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Thank you

Welcome ---nice people and useful info here

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Thank you

Welcome to the group I'm new here as well suffer from brochiectatis great group for asking questions

Lina xx

Thank you

A very warm welcome Sue x

Thank you


Hi just got your post, a bit late. I too have severe emphysema and unfortunately a cancer + I am an old git 73.

Your forward course could be a lung transplant, lung reduction, lung coils or valves as you are young enough to be considered for such treatments. You could even try stem cell treatments but these tend to be only available in foreign parts such as USA, India, Germany, Ukraine and Thailand, and they all cost as they are not part of NHS system.

Unfortunately ALL these treatments are closed to me as I also have a cancer but at your age you have a chance. Research valves & coils on the web and the representatives will provide you with lists of NHS hospitals that carry out this treatment, as for Transplants and lung reduction you will need to research these thro' NHS or look for "Trials". At least these suggestions should give you some solace but be prepared to work at it.


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