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Oxygen in Spain under EHIC


Hi Anyone having difficulty getting oxygen in Spain under the EHIC card arrangement or just not sure how to get it. I am going on holiday to Majorca in Sept. and hopefully have now arranged it through EHIC card. Anyone wanting to arrange it you can send a private message to me and I will hopefully talk you through it, just have your computer on.


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Do u mind telli g me who you got your travel ins with

dave26 in reply to Shadwell

Hi I am a member of the caravan club and got the insurance through them


Nice one Dave. I wish I had the courage to fly. Or. Are driving or boat. Well what ever. Have a good one. I travel but in land. I was going to go though tunnel on a drive around Norway but with my. Breathing. It would be to much maybe. Iam hoping to do South Wales or NW scot this august well. Thats if I can get someone to co pilot must be able body as. I do camping so I've did. The last couple of years with the gran kids and niece but they got feed up doing all the leg work. Lasy kids. Honest when I was a kid it was. Non stop now all they want to do is. Phones and moan and spend money. What ever happened to kites and fishing. Red bus rover or just. Getting out and about. Part jobs when I say this they look at me like Iam from another planet when I was a kid. No one made me get a job it was what my generation did and I think really helped me in life. Well not to sure. What's that's got to do with your post. But. Wie not I'll go back to my. Hols What's happening this year. But must sort out fast. Near enough in June So I only have 2 months BW.

Hi Dave, I would like to know how to do this for my mum. We are taking her to Spain in July and am currently quoted £600 for a POC to use on the flight and a week in a villa.

Hi Kestral Where in spain are you going so I can give you the right info.

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