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Nebuliser - offered


I have an Omron CX nebuliser that is no longer needed. I phone BLF to ask how I could get it to someone who would find it helpful. They suggested I put up a post here.

I'm in North London (N21). Collection is welcome. I'm happy to post it out too if the recipient is happy to arrange this. I have UPS, MyHermes and Post Office drop off points nearby.

Please note that I am loath for anyone to profiteer from this, so I may well ask questions. I have put things on Freecycle before and get people wanting to take stuff only to try to sell it.


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Hello there. Can I suggest you repeat your very kind offer by placing a reply on here?**brand-new-thread**

It is where people looking for equipment will check first. :)

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Thanks mrsmummy. I did try to find an appropriate thread, but failed.

I'll repost.

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I just bought one same make. Very good. And. Who ever. Gets. As. Been Lucky


My lung doctor WELL if you can call her such a thing IS trying to snatch my nebuliser back.

Am ok tho as will clober her with it .. Seem's no lenths NHS will go to now to rob the sick.

Anyway defo agree about those who try to profit.


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