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Through Doctor Out & Social Worker


Well seen DADs doctor and social worker.

Asked social worker about about dad’s independent budget stuff paying for night time carer AND that’s only thing budget dose not cover.

It’s funny that AS I have not read out saying that ... things deteriated after that and she was duly dispatched as waste of time.

Think it’s more to do with ripping elderly sick of given austerity SO I said what condition do people have to have to fulfill special measures criteria.

Long and short of it is they are disgrace.

Then it was DADs GP doctors turn as I wanted too know about dad’s lung cavity I seen on results of dad’s lung ct scan done by oncologist doctors that have duly discharged my dad.

Well anyone would think I asked doctor to give me his lung.

Firstly GP said I was mistaken and very complex thing ct images SO I said yer it’s really hard looking at something that looks like shotgun hole in lung.

So I asked given its 3 months can you tell me about this thing am calling crusty lung caverty GIVEN dad’s still ill and they have discharged him.

Only to be told they have not heard from oncologist LIKE 3 months and nothing WOULD you believe that.

So then it turned into battle of wits AND things deteriorated WITH gp telling me to phone oncologist SO I said ok all leave it but am not happy as dad’s still unwell SO I asked GP for sputom pot to check if dad as infection or see if this lung cavity is nasty Infection.

To be refused GP said sputom sample don’t work as pick up all bugs🐞 🐛 🐜

Am I missing something there or are they hiding something.

Anyway NEXT time I see dad’s doctor and social worker am going to ware my mask hat 🎩 just to anoy them as that’s as much credit give me thinking am going to fall for the lies bull

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I don't know how you hold it together at times. Why not call the helpline on 03000 030 555 and see if the BLF staff can offer any help or advice? They are very good and easy to talk to. Worth trying.

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Hi is hard even with too Of us AND it’s mean really how dad’s at sharp end but have to remember he is ill as well when being awkward.

Is disgrace give he’s condition HOW they try to rip them of there care independent budgets.

Just have to whittle though stuff like tick box life is.

As to blf WHAT could they do really THINK it’s dad’s condition as it’s just same chronic at hospitals.

mrsmummy in reply to Hidden

You lose nothing by ringing them.

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Very true AM sure I will at some point BUT don’t think am there yet AS need my energy for wrong’ens

I have to same with my dad he in hispital right now waith yet again for care pack .he got cancer and he dont want family. And myself have to do night time care. All cares do is give him a microwave male .tea. empty. His cartherter. And off they go . What help. Not al lot. Good luck with you fight

footyfan in reply to mumofmums

Have you tried getting help from macmillan nurses. Or local hospice for support to care at home. Good luck

mumofmums in reply to footyfan

Iv not had long to thing about anything .as he had fall and reboke his nose. His care plan was closed after48. Hours. Which i cant get my head around.i understand why my dad dont want treatment as he never have quility off live. I just would like to get him home as he kens he not be alone. Thanks . For reply. It dont help iv got copd. God must love me ?

mumofmums in reply to footyfan

We cant as cancer need to be in bones and they only come in for last ten days for life. Thanks for reply

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Hi mumofmums sorry to read about stuff going through with your dad DEFO agree about care packages AND microwave meals think have a lot to answer for.

Known few relatives been on them and lost will to live IS understandable when you look at meals.

Is hard with no quick fixes AND cares don’t really do much but glide in out.

We had personal budget for my mum, from local authority for social care. Overtime her condition determinate and she developed kidney failure, dialysis was not an option, so basically it was a matter of time. Her care needs increased and social care would not pay any more so our social worker did a health care assessment as mum had ongoing healthcare needs. Short story she ended up with larger personal budget made up of both social care and health care personal budget. We employed carers to help and I did the rest. This meant mum died with dignity at home with those who loved her around her. We were however told that they had to show that the amount per week was good value for money compared to the cost of either hospital, nursing home or even hospice! I afraid you just have to keep battling we found that if we didn't badger gem mum would have been forgotten. Good luck.

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Hi footyfan we have same care package budget managed by broker BUT we don’t know who broker is AND social services and issue with doctors means information on dad’s condition prognosis is convenient missing.

I think it’s all done to rip them of care they need and brokers are to lazy TO do out proper.

But am determined and the not going to get away with anything.

Great photo JAS but appalling service from all concerned in the medical/social care sector. Things have gone very wrong it seems yet you somehow fight on.

Good luck to you and thank goodness your dad has you on his side. You do need help though.

Take care xxxxx

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Hi Sassy is a farce the lot of it really .. how people cope on the own with such lossy advocates WELL that’s why lots of elderly are found dead in scum & squalor given how great councils safeguarding care packages are.

Am thinking it’s council policy to turn a blind eye and not ask rather than fix out

Hi Jeff, nice to see a smile on your mask. How are you feeling? sound fighting fit again. But that could just be like the mask a disguise of true feelings. Blf help line can be very understanding why not try them. It is strange how there is no budget or care for nighttime needs of dementia patients or severely disabled. But it's true as others have told me this and it is going to get tougher in future. Most of our lives are dependent on tick boxes there are no other routes sadly. Your father may get more help from places like Macmillan nursing on the grounds of life shortening illness or an hospice which would give you respite care & a break from caring. What about day care units for dementia too. All suggestions Jeff but worth consideration to help your own health. Take care and look after yourself.

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Hi Katie talk of social care makes me throw up 🤮 these days.

Just wish social worker was on receiving end lol.

Have seen lots of so called elderly dementia care AND it involves letting them fall and neglect NONE of witch 🧙‍♀️ am ready to subject my dad too.

Had quite few bad experiences with hospitals and dad’s care.

Am doing ok really IF not for odd wobble but for how long AM not quite sure.

Anyway glad liked my mask 😷 am learning how to be cantankerous WITH these losszy advocates WELL if you can call them that THINK am all professionals curtsey out lol

katieoxo60 in reply to Hidden

Sadly our health & care service is nothing to brag about. Volunteers are the backbone of many good practices in care. The rest is mainly due to good family carers like yourself.Doctors are often pressured to keep care and treatment to a minimum by government rules/ budgets. This was never how it was supposed to be each year the cost goes up but the budgets do not, similar to wages. Cost should not enter into it but it does.Have a good evening bye for now.

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Sadly all very true Katie and all fighting for slice of there 🍰 cake.

I know with my dad’s care package am fighting lazzyness by social worker n broker AND other groups dad’s budget pot funds.

Battle of the dysfunctional more vocal one thinks.

So my dad elderly are on unfair advantage already AND this not enough of us cantankerous to make a difference.

Keep fighting, it's not right that your poor dad is not getting much help.

How are you? Did the iv antibiotics help you.? Take care x

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Hi Shirleyj is not right at all defo feel Doctor’s are holding information treatments back EVEN refused to give my dad antibiotics AND when the refuse treatment dose cut deep especially as this been no communications.

Is not well at all really still not eating but he thinks he is GUESS that’s trouble trying to tell him he’s not had anything when is piss 🧠 brain telling him he his.

Not had any of Is crisp or he’s medication WELL dribs drabs QUITE a worry really.

But his GP not worried nor was Hospital so think they no more than me.

Anyway is ok really BUT as far as me and them iv and antibiotics NOT had any yet AS House is full of flu or pneumonia so this no poit taking them as all just catch it again.

So waiting till everyone in house is over what ever have.

Such a disappointment for you and your Dad. A true sign of the times JAS,dont you agree. The care system in place for the very ill needing care 24/7,isn't worth the paper its written on. BTW great brown bag picture - can't wait to see you in top hat etc when you confront Dads GP and Social worker.

Wishing you well.

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Hi Squirrelsholt defo agree about not worth paper Writen on.

But think in there eyes paper is worth more than life’s writing about.

The last care plan ended up on road outside house as that’s as much as meant did.

Social worker WAS told who needs fair weather friends ANYWAY have had 4 social workers in year and half AND this latest one IS no good eather.

Think that’s half issue the not for the staying OR they want paying for nout.

SquirrelsHolt in reply to Hidden

JAS you've said it in one... Coz if they get really low wages and are under staffed,under valued then chances are they won't "give" the best service. Its only my opinion and there's many good social workers out there.......I'd like to know where they're all hiding!!!(joke).

Just seems that you make some gain in relation to either yourself or Dad and then there's so much time wasted,and not much is achieved. That's with YOU doing all the leg work etc. Very disappointing for both of you I'm certain.

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Hi Squirrelholt defo agree with you there BUT will ad if these social workers want easy life BE a lung doctor as I heard and by all accounts 3 inhalers and some antibiotics is as good as it gets lol.

You really could not make it up ANYWAY am working on my next project.

Blf as inspired me NOT quite sure can do out about my spelling tho :)

Oh you have a great sense of humour JAS....loving it!!

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