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Possible Pulmonary hypertension


I have a possible diagnosis of PAH, (Pulmonary arterial Hypertension) I am terrified. I live in the U.S. in Las Vegas. Just having moved here to be near my daughter. I have asthma and COPD but have always had positive Echo tests. Don't know how I went from good to worse in a short time (maybe stress of move). But I am terrified.

The cardiologist did a stress test and an overnight sleep study. I will get results later this week. Then I have an appt. with pulmonologist (more terrified) end of month. All this dragging out waiting is making me over-anxious. Also, I'm missing my many good friends in my former small town in North Carolina. I do have my daughter, an R.N. but she is quite busy and can't always accompany me for doctor visits.

I think I will probably get a RHC after the pulmonologist's report. But all this takes much too much time.

I heard if the condition is related to COPD it is harder to treat. I read there are new drugs on the horizon but they need FDA approval.

From what I read on web, it is a very difficult condition to treat. Funny enough is I feel okay. No swollen ankles, my breathing is better with adding Symbicort twice daily, and I've been doing yoga and going on treadmill 30 min. and on stationary bike with just slight breathlessness. Oxygen while sitting is 96-98.

I am very concerned as the condition showed on a routine Echocardiogram. I called for previous one after elbow surgery taken last year at hospital in my former residence and they said it was "normal" but I saw the reading and it appeared to be mild, but no one told me. So within a year, it's gone from mild to pretty high.

My deepest thanks for any help.

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