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On going tight chest

Hi. Long post alert, very sorry! So, I'm 35, x smoker (2 years quit), I was running 25 miles a week, quite fit really. But... end of January I developed very sudden breathlessness for no apparent reason. This stayed for around 4 or 5 days then went of its own accord. Started running again with no ill effects. A month after the initial breathlessness and boom! It's back with a vengeance! After a course of anti biotics, 3 courses of prednisolone, 2 clear chest x rays, and 3 normal blood tests, and nearly 6 weeks later, I still have a tight chest! Not as bad by a long shot, but it's still tight! Hospital suspect asthma, gp thinks virus. I had a swab done at the hospital and coronavirus hku1 was detected, although no one seems to know the significanceof this. Any ideas?! Help!

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What does Spirometry show? Particularly reversibility Spirometry should indicate asthma or not. Also a PFT, a more detailed lung function test, should help to diagnose any problems. X-rays do not necessarily show lung problems.

Not much help, sorry, but go back to your GP. Virus? Hmmm....

All the best


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Haven't had either yet, soon I'll have an appt hopefully


Yes a lung function test isn't what's needed really. Maybe an ECG too?


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