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Help with heating costs


With the weather looking like it's going to get even colder this week, are you aware of some of the help that's out there for heating costs? Please share this link with anyone who you think may need to know about this.

Have a look at this information below on our website, or give our benefits advisor, Biddy, a ring on 03000 030 555 (Mon-Fri 9am -5pm):


Best wishes,


BLF Admin

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I know gas board are robbers £40 a week we are paying for gas.

Only gov help was with elecric FUNNY how that works.

Anyway have decided am spending week in bed WITH my conpression stocking and asprin for company


I'm going back to bed.dont blame u jeff.glad u won ur case the other wk.hope ur dad is doing well too.ive just lost mine.xhelen


Hi not quite sure about case unless mean dad’s asbestos stuff.

That’s far from won HAIR picking are IT not good enough it’s on dad’s tax record he worked there.

It’s good job the down south or I would cut all bull out and sort it myself.

But can’t beat bed 🛏 defo agree.


sorry.jeff its just I'm a bit down at the moment,i should have made myself clearer-the paramedic who insulted you a few weeks ago you posted the tribunal had found in your favourxxbest wishes to both you and your father.i lost mine to . cancer.i really loved my dad.i held his hand and told him to go to his mother and siblings.xxx

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Hi Sorry to read about your father AT least you was there and this lots that are not.

My dad keeps asking me AM I OK eh how can I tell him really SO I say your fine.

Heart brakein IS so have to try be strong for him.

Don’t like Lieing to him really but what is one to do.

As to paramedic usually the meet someone like them self .

Karma that BUT this that much go’s on you usaly forget.

Am lucky really talking to such fine bunch on here guess that’s karma too.

Hope ya start feeling better and Glad was there with your dad

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its kinder to tell little white lies to your father,jeff-well that's only my opinion.At least you are there with your father ,looking after him.you are there every day.and he has been ill now I know roughly round about 18 months ago I know you raised your concerns about your father.

seen gp today cos the green inhaler didn't work.he's trying me with monteculast,but ive got to go back to collect it tomorrow.

I hope you feel a bit better after you were taken ill in the hospital,the porter kindly helped you.i apologise if there are any errors in my spelling but I was just getting back on my feet with my new anti-depressants.

then Sunday the loudest bang happened and well got to try and get me act together,so i'll just look at posts xxx look after your self here comes the sun by George Harrison is apt for me for members who don't know its a song composed by a member of the beatlesx take care Jeff.helenx


Thank you for the link, I get these heating allowances but find it difficult to explain how they work on occassions as one does involve declaring your pension income. Why are these things so complex I ask :)

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Hi, good your getting heating allowance, should not affect your pension. Keep warm and look after yourself. X


Thank you x


Thanks Ben.


Just received today a weird post which was to a year old post of mine saying my email would be passed on. Sounds fishy to me. I know i can delete but wonder if this is a crank. Maybe you could check?


Your email cannot be passed on from your post. There is no link to and no record of your email on this site (BLF) as that information is held by HealthUnlocked. If this came as a message you can report it to HealthUnlocked by clicking on the three dots within it.


It was just this came with my email address from health unblocked and could have been a bona fide response but contents strange and religeous and giving email address of a doctor who seems to have a miracle cure. I was not comfortable receiving it. The person sending it was wendyrose1.


Hi winfar I checked and it was spam so I have deleted it and restricted the user to stop any more of it until HU ban her/him from the site. Your email address was only involved because HU sent you a notification that your old post had received another reply. Don't worry, you were only at risk if you responded to the reply. :)


Delete...Delete ...Delete ...don't worry about it .... if in doubt Delete xxxxxx


Thank you Ben, I do receive heating allowance and hope everyone else does also. X


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