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Discomfort in belly for some time now

Hi fisrt time posting, I have a concern have been having this discomfort in my tummy for some time and recently I just find myself getting even more annoyed by it. I did an ultra sound and everything was fine the doctor only pointed out something about my stomach but never gave me much information just said my stomach is acting up. But recently if I lay on my tummy especially I have this annoying discomfort that cause me to be fatigue and nauseous not to mention short of breath. the discomfort usually wears off but recently not any more feels as if there is a rock or something in there i dont know. But its really getting to me now.

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Hi I am not sure we can help you here as this is a site for sufferers of lung disease. Do you have one?

If not I am sure you will find more appropriate sites on HU to post your question. Wishing you the best. x


OK thank you though.


I suggest you have a look at the ibs site, plenty of good and friendly advice on there

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Ok thanks much


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