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Whats the sense

WHATS THE SENSE further to my recent post concerning home nebs being withheld by the medics I requested a phone call from one off my GPS ?who on being told off my predicament by me and I have now been in a very busy AE 4 times since Friday to be put on nebs his answer was that they follow the guidelines and in future carry on going to our poor AE ?by Ambulance .I understand that we need to be monitored when ill but we also need to be educated when we need to go to hospital and when we can self help at home I use my oximeter and I would know if the nebs weren't improving my stats ect give us some credit we are not completely stupid ,But one good thing is I am now being refered to the chest clinic at Worthing if I'm still about by the time I get appointment lol what a mess we with lung disease have to endure in many areas off the UK X

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I do agree and feel your frustration. Xxx


Report your GP through the complaint procedure. They are not keeping to the guidelines. There are lots of people on this site who nebulise different drugs at home. At least you will now be (eventually) seeing a respiratory specialist. Make sure that you tell the consultant that your GP needs specific instructions on how to treat you, incuding giving you any necessary drugs which you need to have to hand at home. Also, insist that the consultant sends you a copy of the letter which they send to your GP. What a ridiculous situation!


A difficult situation, I like you, am able to monitor my condition and have learnt to recognise when my breathing has deteriorated to the point when I need professional help. I do have a nebuliser for emergencies.

Other people need to nebulise their medication on a regular basis.....we are all different.

But maybe some patients are not able to monitor their condition.....for instance their SATS , pulse rate and lung capacity.

Sadly this happened to someone I knew, too late for them to get help.


Surely the clue's in the word "guidelines". Not "hard and fast rule"! Your GP sounds like a box-ticker, unable to think for himself in an individual patient's best interests. I'm also amazed that after 4 visits to Worthing A&E you still hadn't been referred to a chest physician. Absolutely ridiculous.


I do sympathise my doctors surgery is just the same, it's very frustrating having to fight your corner all the time. At least now you have been referred you will get some help. Hope you feel better soon.

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Unbelievable!!! Do check out other GPs in your area (there is an NHS website which also rates them) xx


I live in Littlehampton West Sussex we only now have two practices we cant choose a GP we have to go to the one in a boundry we come under they know this and the treatment has got bad


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