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Hi everyone, hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year....going to moan a bit now lol!.... I've had viruses of two different types over the past 7-8 weeks!.....anyone else had anything similar? Beginning to think there's something wrong with me!....they go away and then come back! Weird and very frustrating, went to the GP when it first started as I felt so ill and even more sob than usual, she checked me out but couldn't find anything amiss apart from the fact I felt awful...any input would be greatly appreciated 😊

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Hi, I have been fighting an infection for nearly 3 weeks now. I have bronchiectasis and asthma ,took my emergency Amoxillin for which didn’t help. Was then given 2 weeks course of Doxycycline. I’m worn out with coughing up copious amounts of phlegm and my temperature is still not back to normal, nor is my peak flow. The asthma nurse said it was in my right lower lung. I take my last Doxy tomorrow but also have continued with my Azithromycin.

Apparently my early sputum test was clear, but I struggled to produce anything as I think it may have been consolidated. I’m not sure if I’ve had two different viruses but will be calling my GP surgery in the morning. I feel a little better but still very congested and concerned about my temperature.

Maybe you should go back to your GP if you don’t feel any better.

Best wishes, Sandy

Nanagaga in reply to Sandy-

If it continues Sandy I may do, just gets me down as I haven't felt right for 7-8 weeks, so sorry you have had such a tough ailments are nothing compared to what you've been through!....I hope you feel better soon....take care of love x

Sandy- in reply to Nanagaga

Thank you and I hope you feel back to normal soon. xx

Nanagaga in reply to Sandy-

Hope you do too x

I'm on my 3rd set of antibiotics since November

Hi commiserations I know how you feel I have been like this since February last year, several courses of antibiotics and steroids, I ended up in hospital on xmas night for 5 days. Had intravenous antibiotics it seemed to clear it, have been home 5 days and feel as though it may be starting again. I have finally been referred to the respiratory team and will be having a scan later this month. Still hoping for improvement. Happy healthy new year to all.

Nanagaga in reply to 1947Mags

Thanks for your reply sorry to read about your troubles, I sincerely hope you feel better soon and get things sorted....take care of yourself...x

My heart goes out to you, I've been in the same position all last year, only been ok for one week and already starting to feel that heavy elephant on my chest again, can't stand the thought, but what the heck can we do? I hope you recover quickly and your 2018 is better than 2017. Best wishes Maureen x

Thank you for your empathetic reply Maureen, you obviously know what I'm on about, it's got to the stage where I'm ashamed to tell friends and acquaintances I'm under the weather.... again!!!.... I'm sure you know what I mean.....I seem to go from one virus to the other or its doubling back to me again, so frustrating isn't it.... having problems with my stomach aswell, it went and has now returned!.....had some very stressful news just before Christmas regarding my PIP so my daughter is sure it's IBS! you wisely said, what can we do?....I sincerely hope your 2018 isba good one too....thanks for putting up with my moaning....x

Had just written long reply but lost it anyway I have used Vick's First Defence nasal spray daily and for over a year now have cut my infections viral and bacterial to one about every 4 months previous to that it was one about every 3 weeks so can only say what has helped me and hope it helps others. Viruses attach and develop in the nasal cavity so it make sense scientifically in how it works. Worth a try? good luck xxx

Thanks for that Undine, well worth a try.....thank you x

I've used things like Vick's nasal spray, but somehow got the dreaded cold going around about 7th November. That started to improve about 4 weeks later, only for me to succumb to a second different cold about the same time. Feeling better this week at last, but still have some phlegm in the larynx. I could tell all the way through that it was a head cold virus, so antibiotics wouldn't touch it, but it has been mutating a lot which is why it has hung around for so long. Eating healthily, with lots of fruit for vit C, plus lemon and ginger tea with honey in, and the odd cough mixture and cough sweet to help me fulfil the obligations I had over Christmas - fortunately the church organ is some distance away from the congregation.

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