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Please Help, A cough which wont go away

Please help,

About a month ago,I starTed getting this cough.so I decided to see the GP regarding the issue.Doctor insisted that I need to have x ray and blood test.blood count came back normal and x ray is normal. Dr. Recommended course of antibiotic.

But no change.

My symptoms are: cough with muscus

No fever no chest pain no weight loss no breath less.

During the night no coughing and no wheezing.

I would appreciate if u help what I am supposed to do.

Thank u in advance.

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How old are you & how long have you been smoking? Did you take all the ABs?

If you finished the course more than a week ago and it's no better go back to your GP.

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I'm not presuming that you smoke vamshi1993 but if you do please try to stop. I think you need to see your doctor again. Sheila x



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