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Apices lung scarring


I can't seem to find a definite answer on whether the moderate scarring to both apices will be stable or will grow.

I had a chest xray 2 years ago because of intermittent coughing especially over winter which showed up nothing.

Had a ct/hrct lung scan last winter due to coughing and mucus again which showed the moderate scarring.

Went to Pulmonary Dr who wasn't at all worried about this scarring.

My intermittent cough and mucus is still with me :(.

My GP has put me on Ventolin and now suggested inhaled steroid. Not using either atm. I want a propper diagnosis and to know if my scarring will continue?

Sorry for my rant....just frustrated.



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If you are in the UK you can always ring the BLF Helpline. They are open Monday to Friday, 9 - 4 on 03000 030555.

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No sorry I'm not in the UK but Australia.


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