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Was diagnosed with asthma early 20s. 2006 Diagnosed with Emphysema (52% lung function). 2012 diagnosed with Bronchiectasis (40% lung Function). November 2017 (25% lung function). Struggling to exercise, bringing up phlegm every 20 minutes or so. No blood, breathless at rest. Still smoke (desperate to stop). I feel like im on the wrong meds. Was on ultibro and qvar, been changed to spiriva and fostair. have had spiriva many years ago. any thoughts ?

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Do you have C.O.P.D Burghy

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Do you take tablets or liquid?

I use proair as my inhaler, my prescriptions are Daliresp, and Spiriva. Use to take Advair but quit using. I use oxygen but am trying to wean myself off of it. I take magnisium and NAC. It seems to help with phelm. I do take an antianxiety med as I developed panic attacks from this illness. I don't think I need it anymore but keep it around just in case. I must be doing okay because I haven't been to hospital in three years coming up in February. I try to get out and walk but get sob pretty quickly I still try though. Have a nebulizer but haven't had to use for awhile.

My husband was on ultrobro and they changed him to sambicot and seebree he has seebree every morning and sambicot morning and night and if he's asthma starts he has nebulizer he's on home oxygen very low because he is a CO2 retainer he also has COPD ostioparosis emphzema Buritis cellulitis he has physio comes out but just does a few exercises with he's phlegm he has nebulizer and then he gets as much up as he can to give him more air he's lung function is about the same as yours he takes 20 mg of prednisolone a day if he goes down he crashes I hope that helps

Hi mossy and a very warm welcome. Whateer it takes stop smoking. It doesn't sound like you are getting much by way of support and advice from a consultant. You should be referred to a consultant with a special interest in bronchiectasis. They would also be very knowledgable about copd and asthma. You should also be referred by them to a resp physio to teach you to do your own physio and learn what techniques and gadgets suit you best. Check out a consultant online.


Hello Mossy57 .

Welcome to the forum. I am glad you have found us. I have heard it is very difficult to stop smoking. I cannot give advice about it but I know there is a quit smoking forum on the British Lung Foundation site. I know a few members here who are also the the quit smoking forum.

I think medicine does help us a lot, but as you probably already know the smoking is really a set back.

Sending you best wishes.

Cas xx 🌿

Hi there welcome to the forum, there are several quit smoking groups on line and most likely one where you live . Your Gp can give you help with that too. I know its not easy it took me three attempts, but been quit for eleven years or more now. That should be your main priority as it will make your symptoms lesser so the drugs work better. If you go for quitting good luck , don't rush it but choose a time that is right for you maybe early next year if you find it hard to do. Best Wishes.

Hi know know how hard it is to stop smoking have you tried e fag or speak to your doc, I know you might feel rough while your lungs are clearing but in long term you will feel so much better, I'm not as bad as you although I'm struggling at min but I walk just slowly stopping to catch my breath but that helps me clear my lungs but that probably doesn't work for everyone x

I have never smoked but have bronchial asthma and bronchiectasis. I have a Relvar inhaler and ventolin when required. Don't like ventolin through nebuliser as it quickens heart rate but do take steripoules. That is sterile water and it helps loosen mucus when inhaled through nebuliser. I have carbocistein and montelukast. I seem to get a lot of infections but that is part of the disease. I am 79. I pay for acupuncture which, I think, keeps me on my feet. I wish you every blessing and hope you manage to keep reasonably well.

Nothing's gonna get better til you quit smoking..., simple as that. You're fighting a losing battle and you'll lose...., your life. STOP SMOKING ....

Hi & Welcome,

All sounds familiar. Sorry to sound harsh, But you have to stop Smoking for anything to work. Try the Electronic Cigs, to wean you off, I know they work. I haven't smoked for 4 years. My Rehab classes I do now with Oxygen and feel so much better. I have just proved that my Emphysema is not as bad as it was after having a Lung Spirivity Test last week. 2 years ago I was not a good candidate for Lung Reduction, so I was put forward for Lung Transplant, hence, I have been on the Active List for 17 months. This may not happen as I'm getting older, although I have maintained a good fitness level...I have now been told I could have Lung Reduction because of my Lungs improving with all the exercises I do. I will make my Decision after Christmas...want to enjoy the Jollies first..Good Luck Mossy57. There's only One way to go, Take heed. XXX CarolinaXXX

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Thanks to e-cig I haven't smoked for almost 8 years and I was a 20 a day smoker for 60 years. Totally painless with no withdrawal stress - ditch the smokes, switch to vapes! Good luck.

You are on the wrong meds Mossy - you're self-medicating with nicotine, tar etc.

First things first - quit with help of sites here and then you'll know how your body feels without cigarettes and your GP will be more able to get the right medication to help you.

I'm another advocate of vaping as a means to weaning yourself off of smoking. I had been a 30 a day smoker for 40+ years and during that period attempted to give up cigarettes on several occasions. I stopped smoking 2 years ago and vape via an e pipe and have reduced the amount of nicotine in my e liquid to the barest minimum having gradually reduced the nicotine content over several months. I guess one could argue that inhaling the vapour produced from vaping devices is still not ideal when you suffer from lung disease but it strikes me as being a far healthier option than smoking as you are not coating your lungs with tar and the carcinogenics that exist in regular cigarettes.

Do you feel any better with your breathing having gone over to vape nicky ?

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