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I am just at the start of my journey. Had Asthma for some 20 years. Have had 4 chest infections this year and last week signed off work with Pleurisy, exacerbation copd . Knocked me for six. My gp says not sure I have copd but the breathlessness and coughing points to it. After 2 weeks of antibiotics I am no better so had blood tests today and back to see gp tomorrow for a review. I only smoked for a few months in teens. I am now 60. Feeling very anxious.

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Hi Jackie and welcome. As your GP is not sure that you have COPD and you only smoked for a short period a long time ago, he/she should be referring you to an expert consultant for a proper diagnosis by xray, breathing tests and ct scan. Only then can you know what you are dealing with. The consultant can then inform the GP how to treat you. A GP not being sure does not help your health. Good luck. We are here to support you.

Hello Jackieshep57 and welcome to the forum. littlepom gives great advice above. :)

Hello and welcome - hope you get some good news from the GP

Jackieshep57 in reply to Dedalus

Well, signed off for another week. Blood tests show I have infection. Now on New antibiotics - Clarithromycin 500g twice a day. Seretide inhaler up from 125 to 250 plus Montlukast tablet at night. She says it's a nasty infection. Repeat bloods in 2 weeks and test for copd in New year once I am over this. Thanks for welcome and concern. This group has helped me to not panic.

Dedalus in reply to Jackieshep57

Glad you're getting the help you need. Infections can make you feel so miserable. Hope the ABs etc. kick in soon. Relax now and get enough sleep (best medicine). Please keep us updated x

There seems to be alot of pleurisy going around at the mo, personally I blame the people that have colds and don’t cover their mouths while coughing! I have pleurisy for the second time this year and it usually coincides with people at work having colds.

Hidden in reply to Lealee

Pleurisy is a lung infection don’t catch it..if you have weak lungs you are more prone to it because mucus gets lodged in the pleura. I had a couple, yes very painful and tiring..

The idea is to prevent lung infections with an appropriate treatment..could be the right inhalers, nebs, steroids and antibiotic treatment..

as well as definitely exercise, pulmonary rehab and respiratory physiotherapy, healthy eating..

The other thing is don’t take a cold lightly..

Wishing you well x

Jackieshep57 in reply to Lealee

I have work colleagues that have had heavy colds, maybe I need a face mask at work!

Lealee in reply to Jackieshep57

I’m seriously considering it, people don’t realize that a cold for someone with lung problems can be serious.

Finally after a month and 3 different antibiotics, my breathing is easier and the cough is not so constant. 3 more days of clarithromycin to go. Feeling more positive.

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