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Breathing problems

Hi everyone I haven’t been on for a while, have good days and bad days thankfully mostly good, I am still getting through my bucket list and enjoying doing it, the only sad thing is my hubby isn’t able to participate as he has MS and memory problems, but hey you have to deal with the hand you are dealt and I have a lot to be thankful for, hope you are all doing good best wishes to everyone x

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Good wishes to you Purl, you have a great attitude to life. Xxxx


Hello Purl. It's nice to hear that you're doing so well. Keep working on your bucket list! Take care. XXX

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Hello Purl,

I love your attitude! Wonderful to hear how you cope.

You don't think your hubby may benefit from some involvement in your "bucket list" do you?

Very best wishes,



If only, no he is not well enough and is quiet happy to stay indoors watching telly bless him Thanks for your reply x


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