Headaches and CO2

Well, the last 3 days have been a bit woolly-headed with headaches just tried of the oxygen keeping an eye on my sats the headaches and related symptoms were easing. I remember what the O2 nurse told me to watch for them last she visited, so I gave the team a call said what was happening headaches, drowsiness and mild confusion, as the scenario changed after coming off the 02 she was of the opinion as me it could be C02 related so try without the 02 and keep an eye on sats and she will try and get out to give me an ABG (I still hate them) keeping an eye on things and call medical help if needed.

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Oh dear Ant,i do hope things pick up a bit for you and you can get over this dodgy period,Stay warm and rest and let 'Misty' look after you.................regards skis and scruffy

this site is driving me nuts I started making an addition to this post the page jumped what I had typed disappeared 4 times so I give up for the night. Goodnight Skis and scruffy.....Ant and Misty

goodnight dynamic duo x

What is CO2? Is it carbon dioxide?


Yes CO2 is carbon dioxide and ABG is arterial blood gas. It is a more accurate reading than the pulse oximeter they use on your finger, at least that is my understanding.

basically, we take in oxygen and expel C02 (carbon dioxide in the breath out) but sometimes our bodies cannot compete for this essential and we go into carbon dioxide toxicity the symptoms of which are many. VISUAL dimmed sight, AUDITORYreduced hearing, HEART increased heart rate high pulse, SKIN sweating, RESPIRATORY shortness of breath, CENTRAL drowsiness, mild narcosis (something divers are prone to this) then dizziness confusion headache and or unconsciousness. Generally, try to take it easy as you become tachycardic (fast heartbeat any worries get medical aid on 111. This is a rare thing to happen but how you handle it the swifter the better. Sorry for getting you mixed up with all the initials you never think who is looking at the post, some of us have had this lung problem a long time and I guess you speak as you are used to with the oxygen nurses team. Think more Jackdup. The oxygen nurse comes today to do my blood gases not looking forward to it.

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