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Long story short I had a serve TBI when I was 13 and was put in a coma and contracted pneumonia which caused both my lungs to collapse which has caused me to be asthmatic I had a blue and brown inhaler (with ventilator) until I was 16 and then was completely fine until a few years ago when winter became nightmare for me as I would develop a deep cough (sometimes making my chest ache) which would result in me bringing up thick white phlegm and when I went to the dr about this she advised to go back to my brown inhaler and ventilator to clear it which works, is this a version of copd ? as no on has ever told me why this happens.

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Whatever is causing it should be investigated. I suggest a trip back to see the GP.


All they will say is because your asthmatic use you inhaler so I don want to waste my time


OMG! I suggest to change the GP if there are not able to provide you with an honest answer, as well to review all your history.

But don't give up be pressisstend

I hope you can sort this out 😘😘😘


For an asthma diagnose a peak and flow test is done. I presume you have had one? To check for copd you need a spirometry test done. If you want to check for copd ask your doctor for this.


i have no idea what was done as I was 13 and suffering from serve depression


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