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It's been a good week

It has been a good last 7 days for me. Last Tuesday attended an IPF event in Uphall, which I found very interesting. Many thanks to the BLF, to Alison and Irene for this event.

When I arrived back home, a letter from the NHS was waiting for me, my initial consultation with the transplant team.

Wednesday I had a lung function test, was dreading it.

Thursday I had an appointment with my consultant, very little difference with the result of my lung function test compared to the last one.

Friday was a late night, a leaving do for my manager who has supported me with my health

Monday had delivery of a portable concentrator, holidays here I come ☀️⛱

So it has been a busy but very good week

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All positives Ron62. Let's hope the trend continues for you. :)

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It's great to have a good week, Ron. It sets you up for a while and rebuilds your confidence in coping with whatever life throws at you. IMO, the best thing about a good week is that it reminds you, that no matter how bad things seem sometimes, there will be good periods as well.


Hi Ron, I'm so pleased you have had such a good week even if its been busy. Sometimes its just what you need. Good luck with the assessment for the lung transplant.

Take care Linda x


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