Pip assessment done !!

Had my appointment for pip on Monday just gone :-( ... so happy now the dreaded PIP assessment is out of the way, it wasn't very pleasant(PIP assessment) even though the man that interviewed me was very polite and friendly it still wasn't nice having to tell them just about everything you have told them already in the application , and how do you answer a question of how far can you walk before you have to stop I have never timed it or measured it so how would I know , I said about 5 mins but on walking around home yesterday and making the effort to time myself 5 minutes was actually a long time if I had said 3/4 mins it would have been closer to the truth , but hey ho ,not expecting to get anything anyway as it appears they tend to fail you first time around anyway so you have to appeal :-(

Have a beautiful day as the weather is supposed to be quite nice today ,well in Somerset anyway :-)

Cales xx

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Hi Cales, have my PIP Assessment this Friday 22nd, at home, I'm dreading it , have my passport and all relevant paperwork they asked for, Wheelchair, walking stick Oxygen in my nose, Confirmation of being on Transplant List....Don't think I've forgotten anything? This is my Second assessment, More Nervous than the first one...Good Luck to you, and hope you get an early response. XXX

Best of luck Hacienda just try to relax all will be ok ,I was tense the whole time I was in there which was about hour and a half even though he said he would be quick as they ran half hour behind time ,I get tense any time I have to talk about my health I also have fibromyalgia and dont always remember the things I need to say so that puts extra pressure on trying to remember what I need to say lol , I am glad its all over ......... How come you are having another assessment did they refuse your first claim ?? xx

Cales xx

No, cales, I was on the Low band and got told I should be on the highest now my Health has Deteriated whilst waiting for Double Lung Transplant, been on the list 15 months, I am getting older so may miss out on a match as my Antibodies are extreme @95%...I can only but try for the high Band..Thank you for your most welcome Advise . xxx

Very best of luck my lovely and don't give up hope of a match you never know what's round the corner ...,,,, as for Pip got everything crossed for you for Friday stay positive 😊 xx

Cales xx

Hope you do well with your assessment Hacienda.xxc

I thought I would not get mine but I did. Stay positive and if they do turn you down please appeal. Good luck and let us know how you do. Love Bernadette 😳 xxx

The pip assessments are horrible, hope you get it sorted. I was given zero points first time then when appealed suddenly when up to 19 points, which proved that what I said about the first assessor about lying was true. Good luck and stay positve x

Well, I had my Assessment Yesterday at Home by a very nice Lady called Jody. It took about 45 Mins., with all the form filling and then a couple of exercises to see how quickly I got out of breadth, even with my Oxygen on I still get very Breathless quickly, (quick movements). Lets hope I get the Higher Band PIP now? have a Nice Weekend everyone xxx

Sounds like it all went ok did she say how long it would before you get your decision xx

Sorry for the late reply Cales, not been looking at my posts..She said it could take up to 8 weeks ..or maybe Less X

Gosh that’s a long time to wait isn’t it 🙁 I guess they have lots of other claims to deal with xx

They Must have. Fingers crossed not waiting too long. xx

Hi I'm stage3 and get out of breath quite easily 30% lung captivity but don't require oxygen .. I also have two slipped discs .. I work in a bakers and the flour is playing havoc with my copd .. I'm only 2nd flair up in 3 months .. last one lasting 3 months .. I can't find a job that suits my health anywhere and I feel like a burden to my work .. would I be entitled to PIP I find their notes so confusing as when I'm bad I'm really bad and other times I can manage housework if I pace it etc .. sorry for jumping on your post but I'm just worried how I'm going to cope !! X

You can claim pip even if you work ...... I can’t say if you would be entitled but I’m guessing you would stand a very good chance imagine your worse ever day and fill the forms in on that basis and when you go for your assessment just answer exactly how you feel and how your copd affects your life ...... you might aswell apply you’ve got nothing to lose 😊

I guess just worried I won't get it but will go to citizens advice think they provide help to fill in the forms , thank you for your reply I appreciate it x

Hi Amanda 3011, Firstly..30% Lung capacity. I also have 30%, I'm on Oxygen 20 hours and on the Transplant List. You need to Contact a Respiratory Nurse or ask your GP to refer you immediately...I contacted "Welfare" initially to help me with the PIP Forms, they where great. As I have got worse and can't travel to them, on this occasion PIP came to me as I am applying for the higher Band. Please don't leave it any longer without getting the right medical Help.. PS: You can download the forms on your computer just type in PIP Forms. Good Luck XX

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