Souce of the Oxymizer oxygen conserving device in UK

Has anyone in UK used the oxymizer (or similar) and do you know if they are any good or where to get one ?.

Reading about the oxymizer (pendent or "moustache" deivery) it seems like it would be perfect for me as I need continuous flow O2 when walking and am struggling to get enough oxygen at times. I can just about cope with maximum setting of 6L/min on my Helios cylinders (or 2 cylinders at a time on intermittent) but that wastes huge amounts of oxygen and I end up using my Helios cylinders (and master tanks) far too quickly. Have looked on internet but I cannot find a source in UK.

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Are these doing the same job as the little boxes (conservers) supplied through our oxygen companies?

Thanks for the reply and the link though the conservers you mention only supply oxygen when we breathe in and are no use for me as the cylinders cannot supply me with a big enough bolus of oxygen when used in this "on demand" mode.

The oxymizer is basically just a plastic container that you use "in line" with the continuous flow of oxygen and it diverts the continuous flow of oxygen that would normally be wasted when we breathe out and stores it in a container. This bolus of oxygen is released into your nose cannula when you next breathe in. As a result you get the the continous oxygen that is being supplied all the time plus a big bolus of stored oxygen giving you the equivalent of almost twice (or more) the amount of oxyygen that you would normally get using a particular continuous flow setting e.g. when using the oxymizer and a continuous flow setting of 3 litre /min you would get just as much oxygen as you would get at 6 litre/min without the oxymizer (if that makes any sense !).

Not sure if it will be a help to you but saw lots of posts on

Lots of positive but some issues with pvc tubing & size.

Thanks for the info - there is some good info on these units on the Inspire website.

As you say, and pippa below confirms, there are reports of issues with the thicker tubing used on the pendant type and most people seem to find the moustache type more comfortable despite being more visible.

Interestingly, the other group of people who use them and provide some useful information are aircarft pilots. They also seem to prefer the moustache type.

The only way to get continuous flow O2 to you is direct connection to your cylinder or concentrator. Like yourself I've slowly deteriorated over the last 6-8 months gone from 3lt on conserver unit as required to 6lt on conserver to now 8lts on movement. Tried the 8lt conserver unit but it would not fill up quickly enough to give me the full amount as quickly as i required it, which being sob all the time I need it faster than it was able to build up. After being reassessed on a 6 minute walk test I was increased to 8lts on movement and 1lt on rest on oxygen, now 16 + hours and ok to use it more if needed, which I need. You should get all that's needed thru your oxygen assessment centre and at no cost to you. Liquid Oxygen may be the best option if offered with a Companion Portable Oxygen Unit for use outdoors and cylinders and concentrator in doors.

Your post seems to read as if you are wanting to purchase what you are after, if that is so why, are you prescribe for oxygen ?


Many thanks for the reply and sorry to hear you are going through the same issue.

The reason I am looking for the Oxymizer on here rather than going through my supplier is a fairly long (and at times bitter) story but briefly it just down to time. Reassessment or even advice can take months to sort out and with progressing IPF that's something I don't have and need a quick fix. Also I need this for fishing and with only 6 weeks of the season left there is some urgency.

Longer term I'm hoping to see if my supplier can provide a bigger portable Helios cylinder such as the Companion series since that goes up to 15L/min and holds 50% more liquid oxygen than the Marathon series. That still leaves me with the problem of securing a reliable source of liquid oxygen and living on a remote Island (and Winters coming!) that's a tad more difficult which is why I need to conserve supplies as much as possible and am looking into the Oxymizer. It's been fairly rigorously tested in a number of scientific papers and even if it only provides a 50% decrease in liquid O2 usage that should make a huge difference.

Hi Salmo - Well what a coincidence! Just last week taken delivery of 1 mustache and 1 pendant type Oxymizer. Bad news is I had to buy them from USA and from two separate sellers and in total the whole experience came to over £100! Neither is pleasant to look at, but I think they do make some difference. The mustache is the easiest to wear although it is highly visible - being female I expected to prefer the pendant type, but the tubing on the pendant type is so thick & hard I have a problem getting it to stay in position over my ear and it's uncomfortable on my face. If you went ahead I would say buy a couple of the mustache type - the reason why I say buy a couple is that postage etc increased the costs big time and would probably be the same whether you buy one or a few.

I have no way of telling as of yet just how much difference they make as I have only tried them out around my lounge, plus tried sleeping with the mustache using 1LPM instead of my usual 2. It's walking/exercise where I really need it as I still desaturate to around 82-84% on 6LPM constant (Helios) if I walk at a decent pace or up the slightest incline. I also have a COPD blog and aim to blog re these and also the 'head set' type cannulas, soft hose cannulas etc when I get around to it.

The big Q now is where did I buy them from - I will have to get back to you later on that (haven't had breakfast yet). I tried a few sellers but once I input my UK address I invariably got a 'we do not ship outside of the USA' message. I remember one was from an E Bay seller - but I will look it back over my tracks later in the day and give you the links. In the meantime if you have any Q's let me know. Will be back with details later today.

PS. Found the mustache one quite easily -

Thanks again for your help

Hi Pippa - That's really usefull information. Many thanks for your help as I thought this was going to draw a blank though the lack of responses does seem to confirm that these are not that readily available in the UK. I'd seen them on US sites but gave up as nobody seemed to ship to UK - well done for your persistence and providing a source which I'll try.

I'll get some of the moustache type to try as I feel comfort is most important thing when using oxygen. I'm not too worried what I will look like wearing it as it cannot be any worse than my current look. I also desaturate when walking with the Helios marathon cylinders on 6litre/min and have to use 2 cylinders at the same time and that means sticking 2 sets of cannula up my nose and having tubes sticking out everywhere. At least with this I can always stick some hairs to the outside of it and people will think I've started growing one of those natty Victorian Lord Kitchener moustaches for Mouvember !

Once again thanks for your help.


Prior to going ahead with your purchase, have you considered speaking to your, oxygen provider and respitory nurse. For the possibility of a portable Dewar, people use them for days out and holidays, fits in car boot.

Yes, but for various reasons it will take a relatively long time to sort out and there will always be logistical problems getting liquid oxygen. It simply can't get here if ferry does not run and if the sea is rough its half empty when it arrives so conserving what I have seems important for the future. I also want this for fishing in next few months and there is no car access where I fish so I need an "ambulatory" solution I can use now.

Thanks for the longer term suggestion. I've spoken to the nurse and she has asked the provider to contact me to discuss my needs so I'll ask about the portable dewar for the car as I feel that pretty soon I'll have to restrict myself to more accessible places and that would really help.

Just on the (we do not ship outside USA)

I got an Usa and uk address through address pal from Anpost as the same happens here in Ireland . An post receive and ship on to me.

My brother got one in Belfast.

I assume that Royal Mail would be providing a similar service?

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