I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis in March 2017. I have very few symptoms, no coughing or breathlessness. I do get really tired and have to limit my activities some days. My concern is that my oxygen saturation levels fall at night when sleeping. Most nights it is between 80% and 84% but it has dropped to 78%. Should I be concerned about the possible damage to organs and tissues. I also have fibromyalgia and the flare-ups have dramatically increased since I was in hospital with the chest infection that caused the bronchiectasis. Is the lack of oxygen causing the increase in flare-ups?

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  • Hi Canuk

    I don't know about increasing your flare ups but you need to see your GP or consultant to get this sorted I would have thought.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    love cx

  • TY cx, they seem to brush off my concerns and I find when I go to see the COPD nurse she gets cross when I take in articles and information that concerns me. I'm going to a breatheasy meeting on Thurs hoping to get some advice from there.

  • I would advise you to see your respiratory team with regard to the oxygen sats dropping so low.

  • Can you see another doctor in the practice? In my last practice I chose whichever one suited particular problems. One was great with some thing's but useless with lung issues.

    I'd advise you to ring BLF help line (it's unlikely they have time to read the forum posts). They'll give you guidance on how to move forward.

    03000 030555 UK office hours. All the best, Peege.

  • I would certainly speak to a medical professional. Choose the one that you have the most confidence in. Good luck. XXX

  • Thank you everyone for the response to my question. Will call the doc's today. X

  • I talked with the specialist nurse at a breatheasy meeting and she asked me if I wanted her to take my 'case' or go back and deal with the clinic my doctor is with. I chose the clinic, told them about low oxygen levels and that I had spoken with a specialist nurse at a meeting and asked if I needed to see the doctor or copd nurse. The receptionist said she would ring be back asap. I missed the doctors call back but she left a message saying' ......... if there were any changes I should get in touch with them and to stop using BLF nurses'. Have called the clinic twice and still don't have an appointment with either a doctor or a nurse. This is so frustrating. Should I by-pass the clinic and go to nurse specialist and risk losing the respect of the staff at my clinic?

  • My advice would be to ring the BLF helpline tomorrow and ask for their advice. The number is 03000 030 555 and they are there during office hours. You can speak to them freely and tell them everything you have said here. Or just ask them to read this post and then ring you back. Good luck. :)

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