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Stepping into the unknown


Just about to leave to see consultant for first time diagnosed 6 year ago oxygen since December have been told to make sure have enough oxygen with me could be a wait .Last night I was looking through some old reports from oxygen nurse and she thought I would possibly be able to get of oxygen in the future since then everything detiriated will have to learn to accept this is me for life .

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Hi T t D. A couple of points to consider are that if your prescription does not normally allow you enough cylinders to last such a long period then you need to get your prescriber to issue a HOOF. A form that allows delivery of extra cylinders to cover this visit.

A second tip is to ask at the hospital if you may connect to the mains oxygen whilst you are waiting to be seen. I have had success and failure but it is well worth asking.

Kind regards, Rib

Thanks I Did ask if they could put me on Theres absoloutley drained now Best wishes


You have been doing things recently which, not so long ago, you were thinking you would never be able to do again. Maybe you spend too much time thinking about what you can't, or won't be able to do, rather than what you can and soon will be able to do? I've met people caravanning whilst on oxygen, have you looked into how you could do that? Time to get that caravan out of storage, Autumn is the best caravanning season. :-)

Rosabeth in reply to Hidden

I have a friend who was diagnosed with Pulmonary hypertension, she was taken ill at my 30th wedding anniversary party and her husband took her straight to hospital after tests she was told that they couldn't do a lot for her and she had about 3 weeks left this was in Spain and the consultant told her if she returned to the U.K she may get a bit longer. She left immediately and went to Sheffield where she has had wonderful care this is now almost 7 years on. The best bit is that she travels all over, goes on cruises and various other holidays where she needs to fly this is all on oxygen but there is no stopping her. If anyone is interested in reading her blog just look up Carole's HP journey. She is an inspiration to many people.

Thanks Don a bit upset Consultant was a bit abrupt basically just said I'm severe and oxygen needs to go up but have to stay below 92. Will speak to oxygen nurse friday about getting oxi for caravan then have to find somewhere that will allow it for weekend Take care Don missed your poems

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