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Is this normal?

I had p neumonia about 3 weeks ago. Went for a ct scan a couple of days ago and my lungs are still cloudy. Am just wondering is this normal or something more serious. I am 53 and a non-smoker.

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If you are a smoker, it could be something more serious. I have cloudy ct scans and mine is COPD lung disease


The poster said they are a non smoker.


What did your doctor say. I would say that you still might need antibiotics. But I don't really know.


It could be that your lungs have not fully recovered yet. In General a CT scan is normally performed six weeks after the infection and the antibiotics last taken. Who told you that the CT was cloudy?


You wouldn't normally be sent for a CT scan after pneumonia. Have you got other symptoms? Are you an ex smoker?


This is quite common in northern hemispher. Due to our lving incold damp conditions. Once we getover 50. I am 76 and live most time in Thailand. I amstil, a smoker, over the last 4 yrs i have had this on average 2 times a yr

Drink plenty warm liquid and soup. Take a goid antibiotic not ones with the word MOXY in it. You do not heed a scan normal xray picks the whiteish patches up.

It will go and i amstill here. Back in the 40s this was a main killer in people. Take plenty of Vit C capsuls and Vit D3 with Vit K.

Do not let it stress you out. As kids inthe 40s we had it many times.


Have you always been a non smoker smoker? Have you worked in a dusty environment? Think about the quality of the air you've inhaled over the years of your life. Pneumonia is a very serious illness for a healthy person to have. I am no longer Sue's husband, I am now Sue's widower as she died on the early hours of Friday 07/07/17 as a result of end stage COPD accelerated by double pneumonia. If you are concerned about the cloudiness on your lungs speak to a Doctor, if your not happy speak to another one. It is YOUR life, don't let neglect take it from you.

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(((Hugs))) Sue-shusband


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