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Hi all, as the title says this is my first post. Been reading loads on here as I've recently been diagnosed with Emphysema.

On three different inhalers at the moment(not sure if any are really making a difference!)

Off to Majorca tomorrow morning and having just had a couple of bad days,I've started panicking how the flight will go? Do people take their Blue inhaler in hand luggage?Also just seen a post regarding "fit to fly" I know this is a bit late but prior to the last couple of days have been feeling fairly good,

regards Alan

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Hi Alan,

Sorry I can't answer your question (plenty on here who will know) but welcome anyway and, if we don't post again before, have a great time in Majorca


I don't know about flying, but a quick phone call to your GP would be reassuring. I have flown many times with undiagnosed bronchiectasis and had no problems, until recently when I was also dxd with obliterative bronchiolitis, which is fibrotic, but the advice I would give you is to take all your prescribed medication in your hand luggage with a copy of your prescription. Luggage does get lost and you do not need the hassle of dealing with a foreign doctor at short urgent notice! Shouldn't be a problem using your inhaler on board. Also if going to Europe don't forget your EHIC card! And travel insurance. Otherwise relax and enjoy your holiday! I see you are going to Majorca, should be lovely.

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Teniloe- You should keep blue inhaler on your person at all times. No exceptions. Regards, judg69


Thanks for your replies,everything crossed!


Your inhalers have to go in one of the clear plastic sealable bags to get through security. Enjoy your holiday. XXX

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Hi Alan, welcome to the site, it is only a short flight to Majorca so you should be fine. To cover you put your inhaler and a recent prescription into a clear plastic bag and put it in the basket with your other items at check in security.



Welcome to the forum. This reply maybe too late you may already be on your way, I always carry my blue ventolin inhaler with me & put it in the tray with all other metals/cash/phone etc. then it is always in your pocket should you need it on the flight.

Depending on your age & fitness there are various treatments out there that you will need to research, do not listen too much to items on the net, they often frighten you more than prove useful.

"fit to fly" my GP asks if I can make it up a flight of stairs, the answer is always the same "eventually" until you need in-flight oxygen, if you feel OK & not poorly you will survive.



Thanks for your reply. Been on holiday and had no problem with the flights,cheers


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