First day of PR!

I really enjoyed my 1st 'lesson. Only 6 people in the group, 4 males and 2 females. All very friendly. The physios were great, didn't talk down to you. My main feeling was that I wasn't a novice, purely because of all the knowledge I have gained from our Forum, I understood everything that was spoken about because I had read about it here. Thank you all. I would say to anyone if for any reason you can't go to PR join this forum it's the next best thing! Can't wait until Thursday for my next session!! Lilian xxxxxxxxx

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  • Glad it went ok Lillian just back from mine xxx

  • Thank you Margaret, I will message you. Lilian xxxxxx

  • Great news Lilian and hope Thursday goes well too. Xxxx

  • Thank you Sassy. I hope you and Pete are enjoying the cooler weather. Lilian xxxxxx

  • Good news you enjoyed it are you ready for a marathon yet lol xx

  • Not the full marathon Angie but managed the half marathon after PR, I found it quite easy really. How is your infection getting better I hope. Lilian xxxxxx

  • Totally recovered walked the 10 kms today and will be back out tonight just for a short one so glad you enjoyed it xxxx

  • Angie you know I was only joking about the half marathon!!! Have you always enjoyed walking? I have never in my life walked as far and as often as you do. Hope you don't walk too far tonight. Pleased you're feeling better. Lilian xxxxxx

  • Lol I know you were...nope didn't start walking until I was diagnosed with the copd nasty in January this year...though I did run the gauntlet in the hospital that I worked in for years and there mighty long corridors ...will do about 3km nothing major xx

  • Why is it that you and one or two others have this dedication to exercise and others, like me, less so. I will probably be like you when I've completed my PR (not). I am going to aim to do more. What puts me off walking too far is the fact that you've got to walk that far back!! Hope you have a good night. Don't stay out too late. Lilian xxxxxxx

  • I just think exercise is a good all round way to stay healthy as possible along with a good diet. To be fair it keeps me occupied and I enjoy it my hubby is retired so we walk or run together and as long as we both enjoy it keep doing it I suppose that's me can't speak for anyone else .xxxxx

  • Of course, you're right Angie. I suppose the difference is whether you enjoy doing it or not. I wish I did! I walk every day but it's more of an amble. A bit cooler today. Have a lovely day. Lilian xxxxx

  • I am glad you enjoyed it Lilian226. :)

  • Thank you Mrs. M. All my fears were unfounded. Lilian xxxxxx

  • Excuse me for being ignorant but what is PR?


  • Not ignorant at all. Pulmonary rehabilitation. 😃

  • And, still no wiser? So sorry. Is it like exercise?

  • Yes. Exercises for the lungs if you will.

  • It is a course of 2 sessions a week for 6 - 8 weeks which has an hour's exercise and an hour’s talk from a professional. Highly recommended. :) It begins and ends with a measure of how far you can walk in six minutes and that helps you to see your progress.

    NB You may profit from reading the Pinned Posts, which have exercise classes, abbreviations, etc.

  • Thank you. I suppose as they havent said it's anything like the bronchiastasis l will not be given this experience.

    Wonder if l could pay?

  • Sorry to be bothering Again but I cannot find the pinned post part.

    Thank you in advance,


  • They are located on the right of the page (if you are on a desktop computer). I will send you a message.

  • Sorry, just an I-pad. Haven't a laptop anymore but realising it may be something needed.

  • I have sent you a message. This will show as a little red number on your username at the top of the page. Click on your username and select messages. Click on the message to open it. :)

  • Got it, many thanks

  • You're not bothering Heather. I don't know about pinned posts. I think others have spoken about this before. Could you search for it in 'search on the top right of this page regarding your eligibility for PR. Lilian xxxxxx

  • Did a search from the Help point on the page. Did find an excellent one by StoneUK. Very well set out and explanation for each abbreviation

  • So pleased that you enjoyed your PR Lillian. XXX

  • Thank you Pam, very kind of you. I hope you are well. Lilian xxxxxx

  • I have just been put on the waiting list for PR. One question I forgot to ask was "are any exercises done on the floor". I have other health issues that stop me doing that.

  • From what I have seen so far the exercises are done either standing up or sitting down. If I had to get down on the floor I wouldn't get up again! Hope you don't have to wait too long. Lilian xxxxxx

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