Lovely afternoon shopping

We went with our daughter to Devizes. Lovely little shops, had a Greek salad for lunch, bought a new top, purple and grey. Good thing about Devizes there is a lot of benches so I didn't have to walk too far before I could sit down. Not very breathless at all until after a couple of hours we walked back to the car and had to use my inhaler. We had a really nice time. Lilian xxxx

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How lovely to be out and having a good time. Devizes sounds like a nice place to visit. Take care xxxx

I like Devizes Lilian - lots of good charity shops to scour! Hope you are keeping well. X

Hello Patty, I am very well thank you. Our daughter loves the charity shops in Devizes! Is your RUH appointment on Tuesday the 6th? Hope you get on well. Is your breathing still not too bad? Lilian xxxxx

Hi Lilian, yes, my appointment is on the 6th. I also have a lung function test first so it will be a long afternoon at the hospital. Think I will take my knitting !x

Try and get the results of your tests Pat and then someone on our forum can tell you what they mean. Hope you're not hanging around too long. Lilian xxxxxx

Thanks for the tip Lillian. This is all new to me! I'll let you know how I get on. Pat.x

Hello Lillian. Sounds like you had a marvellous day out. So pleased for you. xx

Thank you Cas. I hope you are keeping well. Lilian xxxxx

Not bad here thank you Lillian. xx

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