Just walked 10 miles

Just walked one of my goals to my local beach in total 10 miles on getting there sat down to take in the view of the isle of Wight with a sandwich mug of tea and a bit of lemon drizzle sponge. Typical just finished eating and the first rain blob hit me safe to say within 5 mins it's was chucking cats n dogs. Quick call to my neighbour lol he came to get us now home on couch the bloody sun's back out lol happy Sundays love them...i will do it there and back one day soon xxxx

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Way to go Angie, well done. I am so jealous that it wasn't me being able to report that distance.

I hope to be able to match that one day and more, at the moment I can just about sneak in an hour of exercise, unless I start to go walkies after 11:00pm which means cutting down on the zzzzzzzzzs, which I am not entertaining. At the moment there is not enough hours in a day for me.

Even being a b/h weekend I have work commitments, I have accounts to do tomorrow, being the end of the month, one of the many joys of running a business.

Thanks 2greys but don't forget your working and running the business exercising and looking after things at home so works both ways . I'm not working just doing uni at the moment so pat on the back for you at everything you do and the exercise you get your doing amazing things xxxx

wow, l couldn't do that before l got copd let alone now, well done. :)

Thankyou gillyjohno I couldn't do it 6 months ago was still smoking but now there gone pushing myself to get there hope your having a good day xxx

a very lazy one today xxx

And your entitled to it nothing wrong in being chilled and relaxing it's Sunday xxx

What a lovely neighbour you have......and well done on 'going the distance', pity about the rain but maybe next time you'll do the round trip. I wouldn't put it past you!๐Ÿ˜€

I will do it magpuss determined lol my neighbour is good we look after each other been neighbours 35 years so good community xx hope your well xx

Well done Angie and good for you. Love lemon drizzle.

Have a good day tomorrow too and hope the sun shines. Xxxxxx

Thanks sassy I love it too that's my problem all that walking then stuff my face lol have a good day xxx

Well done Angie, what a feat!!

Thank you very much Fiona was definitely a day lol xxx

Fantastic though and inspirational to others x

Hope your well enough today xx

Today's a bit of a struggle but I'm sure that tomorrow will be easier! Hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend with your feet up!! X

Awww that's a shame how come your struggling today are you unwell ...Will be back out tomorrow pending weather lol fingers crossed for more sunshine where are you from


Not unwell but my breathing seems to have changed and feels weird but less so today. Hope that you managed another walk today x

It was a bit wet today so used the treadmill and stat bike glad your feeling better today where in the world are you sometimes the heat and mugginesd dosent help what stage are you at hope you had a good day xxx

I've just been diagnosed with emphysema 3 weeks ago so it's all new to me and every little twinge leads to more questions! I'm in Yorkshire so nowhere exotic. Got my first real appointment with the Nurse next week. Oh yeah and it's moderate. How about you?

I'm stage 3 moderate diagnosed in January 17 .knew I had it but ignored it for a long time .originally from Scotland but live down south now in Hampshire new forest area ignore the brain ticking over lol it will keep on if you don't. I left work April 24th this year and doing a counselling diploma going on to do the degree .Are you still working xxx

I too am originally from Scotland, I'm from Dundee where are you from? I'm an Englishtutor in an FE collegeand still working although some days are rather difficult. I hope that the counselling course goes well and that you enjoy it! Xx

Glasgow originally moved south long time ago .But spent last year in Stirling working was at one point considering moving back but it was too cold... my job became difficult in the end so they terminated my contract on medical grounds...im glad iv cone out it's my time now just walked 7 miles after PR. Walked with friends and hubby lovely day here xxx

Oh that's wonderful. But. Do you really have. COPD . Come on. U r. Joking right. Do u know how far people with bad. Breathing props standing can be. To much. Maybe a walk across the room with out. 02. And you have done well iam pleased u can go. 10 mile. But. Being on breathing site. U r. Ok. If I could. Across. My road I would be happy. But that's me. Pity. It. Peeed. Down on u. Dough. Bye. Paul

Thankyou lol yes I have copd stage 3 . You have a lovely day thanks for your kind words xx

Please keep up the exercise Angie. You are doing so well.

Thanks Eric no intention of giving up anywhen soon do you get about much x

I'm very lucky. I was 76 before I developed bronchiectasis. I have always had asthmatic symptoms, but never badly. I am now 81 going on 82 and go on my treadmill every day. This is a very good way of exercising in all weathers, by the way.

I really do feel for you.....

Treadmills are good I have one too exercise is the best form of therapy and it's lovely you enjoy it x

Feel for me Why ?? Xx

Stage 3 COPD at your tender age!

Ah got you lol it's my own doing that put me in this condition. I'm nearly 60 so not so tender in age and to be honest I'm as fit as a butcher's dog I'm regimented in exercise diet tai chi and no cigs so it's not a death sentence until him upstairs decides I'm very happy live my life to the full but thank you for words and kindness means a lot xxxx

Very relieved to hear that and I admire your dedication to exercise. It is all too easy to sit and relax with advancing years.... I know this!!


I understand where you were coming from and there's nothing wrong in sitting and relaxing ever . I do take time for me it's positive attitude for me is a must and iv just started my counselling degree after stopping work so onwards and upwards been lovely talking with you enjoy your day xx

Congratulations, and thank you Angie. I hope you have a nice day also. (It's very overcast here in Cornwall. Treadmill today!).


Ah you are in Cornwall live it down there I'm in new forest area close to beaulieu xx

That's a lovely area too.

I do wish you well.

Bye. Eric xx

Well done, like the drizzzel sponge


Thanks Sam yep me too love it ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

Well done Angie, no chance of me catching you up. It is not so much the COPD but the arthritis that gets me. I'm sure you will make the return journey one day weather permitting. Goods of your neighbour to come and pick you up. x

Hi Katie thanks they are good neighbours lovely community spirit ...im determined to do it both ways lol ...arthiritis is not good I have it in both hands and elbows infliction from previous job ...i hope you enjoy your day xxx

Well done, what an inspiration to others. Love lemon drizzle cake too lol. Carolx

Thankyou Carol I keep thinking might go get some more today but I might just make my own probably won't be as good though lol have a good day

Angie xxx

Hi Angie, i much prefer eating cakes than baking them. Got to be good though, so not too many haha. Have a great day. Stay strong. Carolxxx

You too Carol


Angie. How. ? I mean I have heard. Of people doing half marathons. I must. Being a. Bad way I push myself. All the time but. Walking for me is just terriable . Some times I can only just. Stand without 02. Only for. A couple of mins. But. I do what I can. And I do . Struggle. But I really. Wish I could do more. Well. Never say never. U. Have a good. Day. Bye. Paul

Hi Anglecbr

wow 10 miles, that is so good, may i ask if you walk that without resting inbetween the walk.

I am age 60 has well and can do 5 miles at a push but do have to rest the next day and i did have a hip operation 7 months ago.

well done keep it up


Hi music

I don't stop I pace myself and do controlled breathing on the hills but on the flat I'm fine. I'm 59 and not had hip op so your doing remarkably for 7 months post op. I walk every day not always for 10 miles lol but we do average 10 kms a day . The 10 mile was a goal of mine to walk to the beach and back but only walked there due to the rain lol so had I completed it wd have been 20 miles but in saying that there is a bus route that if I get too tired we can jump on a bus but I'm determined to do it lol i wish you well xxxx

Lucky you. Sea air is good for you. I'm stuck in the Midlands so getting jealous ๐Ÿ˜Ž

It is good for you one of my favourite places. Lol never been to the Midlands passed through it but never stopped x

u way to go angie. i spent a weekend on isle of wight and found it very enchanting.

It's lovely isn't it and thankyou I like your name mooskie xx

Thanks Graham

Keep it up your doing great

Angie x

OMG - that is AWESOME ... and I am in awe! And here I thought I was doing good moving up from 3 miles to 4 miles most mornings. I've got a long way to go to catch up with ya ;) I am still kayaking 8-12 miles twice a week and doing some cycling when humidity isn't screaming, but I do believe walking is a tad bit better as a COPD exercise. You've charged my walking spirit up - thanks!

Thankyou dolphin seems your doing great as well. Kayaking never done that before something to consider doing .

I'm not great on a bike lol never have been best of luck to you take care

Angie x

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