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I feel like I've broken a rib but I've not done anything ton brake it?

Hey x

So I have broken ribs in the past (all on the right) and I know it takes a fair amount of force to do so but for about a week and a half the rib just below my left breast is constantly painful (a dull but very noticeable ache ) bur when I turn touch, cough, bend, flex or breath deeply it becomes a sharp stabbing pain. If it wasn't for the lack of instadent id say it was broken...

Anyone got any ideas? Google keeps telling me my splean is trying to kill me or that I have cancer and I don't believe that's what it is xx

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No ideas but sounds like you need to get it checked. Hope it stops hurting soon.


Momo, I had something similar about a year after my lobectomy( cancer ). I additionally have Stage 4 COPD , and had been violently hacking. That was exactly what happened, broke 3 ribs violently wrenching, hacking, coughing. All Is ok now , but really is not much you can do to help ribs to heal. It takes time. All the best for you, judg69


Hi Momo, good idea to get that checked out as it could be several things. Do let us know how it goes. Take care xxxxx

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Always best to get it checked out by your GP.


It could be pneumonia


Make sure from a really good Physio it is not a trapped nerve etc . This can react in a similar manner - then get it untrapped . Really sore . Take care and good luck . This happened to me and I thought it was a bruised rib with lots of coughing etc. After 2 years I eventually got It correctly diagnosed correctly and sorted and I was then pain free. Docs don't seem to be able to detect this .


It could be you have pulled something. That happened to me once and every time I coughed or breathed in too sharply it was agony, it seemed to take at a couple of weeks before I was pain free again. The doc said I had pulled a chest muscle. I was just told to take anti-inflammatory. But it's probably best for you to get it checked out if it doesn't seem to be getting any better.


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