HEART Mater's firing on all four cylinders

HEART Mater's firing on all four cylinders

Well received my medical grade vascular doppler ultrasound machine.

And like hyenas car service manuals HERTZS mater when buying ultrasound dopplers.

Mine is 5 mhz ultrasound doppler and you can hear the stress building when listening to juices flow threw ya vain's.

Lucky for me i have genetic condition where my vains are tad bigger than usual CAN'T really remember name of it but its something to do do cf so called healthy trate carrier status.

Anyway had doppler on my heart and gosh if my heart was engine and be very proud.

I could hear all four cylinders firing ITs quite a sound if can cope with stress of hearing your heart.

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Sounds really interesting JAS. You're wired for sound. Xxxxx

Hi sassy wish i was hard wired but stress got better of me lol

"Malformations of veins are the third major feature of Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome."

Hi don't think have out like that just big vain's .. But with all my issues i would say ancestry and environment issues line us up for disease.

I now consider you to be my "all things lungs/heart/DNA" Consultant !!

Thanks JeffAjaxSmith

Hi Ad not say that can't even fixyself lol.

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