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Today had a appointment with the psychiatrist have to decide do I stay with her or go with mind who will come to my home found out would have 6 sessions with psychiatrist mind ongoing and psychiatrist can't see me again for a month so I think I've made my mind up after the psychiatrist had to go to James cook hospital for PR assesment I was quite frank and told the nurse that I am struggling to accept the oxygen she reckons I will get there but it is nearly 5 month and to me it seems to be getting worse Took 35 minutes to find car parking space I did quite well on the walking test and have been offered a place Monday and Wednesday's at noon could have had Tuesday and Friday but 10.30 start when she read through my notes she mentioned problems with my cervix that's a new one on me God knows where that comes from .I mentioned that I had just finished cipro yesterday and was still bringing up a little green phlegm and that the doctor had give me Doxycillin in rescue pack she advised me if still happening on Friday to take a sample to the doctors not to take Doxycillin and that the doctor should get me a emergency prescription from hospital fingers crossed won't need to Ive been giving the stress studs some stick today hope that the accupuncture. For sweats starts to work after a few more sessions I look like a wet dishcloth

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Oh dear, what a day you have had, I am sure it can only get better. Parking really doesn't help but even with a blue card inconsiderate people park in the disabled spots. I hope you make the right decision about your treatment. If you decide to not go to the hospice I hope you will try to get out as much as you can manage. I hope you sleep well tonight and have a better day tomorrow. Rosabeth

Hi rosaBeth I am still going to go to the hospice hopefully the psychiatrist is in a diffrent place I recieved blue badge yesterday but as you say still hard to get a space Tomorrow the oxygen nurse is coming and on Friday I go to the hospice again so it has been a very busy week I hope you have got rid of your pain .would be great if I could get a good nights sleep and you also Margaret xxx

Hi Margaret, I wish I see the doctor on Friday so fingers crossed. One problem I have is anything stronger than paracetamol sends me to sleep I can hear you thinking that's a problem ? It is when I sleep all night and most of the next day. I ended up in hospital for 8 days with morphine and I only took half of what was allowed. John could not wake me at all. I very occasionally take one co codamol and usually sleep for 9-10 hours I never take one if I am going out the next day. I just stick to paracetamol and not too many of them just in case. Glad you got your badge it's been a godsend to me. Take care Love Rosabeth

Never heard anything like that before wow I can understand you being concerned about it but it would feel like a miracle answer to my problems I am going to ask the matron on Monday if she can convince the doctor to give me something hope you got a good book on the go love Margaret

You would not want it as an answer to sleeping. It scared John silly and I can't say I was jumping for joy. I have to be so careful of anything I take and think ahead as to what I may be doing tomorrow. It is a dreadful feeling to be unable to wake up. The other thing is when I take anything that does affect me I not only sleep for a good few hours I wake up with a foggy head and still tired. And a few hours after waking I get sleepy again and can't stay awake so just keep dropping off for about three hours. After that I am back to normal. They can find no obvious reason for this and I even had a brain scan which was normal,( my daughter said they need a new scanner ). The answer they came up with is that it is some kind of reaction to meds that I take. I have stopped everything one at once for a few days and ruled them all out except for my anti cancer med that I dare not risk stopping as it is what keeps me alive. My doctor suggested just one week but I said no as it could just be long enough to let it lose so I just plod on. I have got another really good book thanks, I am lucky that I can lose myself in books.i am fed up with t.v though it's just the same old all the time. Hope you have a good day. Love Rosalie

Hi I don't blame you not stopping your anti cancer med what a ridiculous thing to suggest what a cheek your daughter saying need a new scanner lol it does seem a bit of a nightmare for you at first I thought it could have been narcpolepsy but it is obviously not that .When I went for my assesment yesterday I told the nurse that I had just finished abs Tuesday but still have some green mucus and that the doctor had given me rescue pack of Doxycillin but as you may remember I am now imune to all except ciproflaxin she told me to get a sample over to the doctors I am hoping and praying it just end of last infection fingers crossed .I don't understand how I did so well ar assesment yesterday but when I went to the bathroom this morning I was very out of breath and sat awful love Margaret xxxx

I think I was bitten by a Tetse fly "Ha ha"

Hi Time_2_drink and glad you did get your Blue Badge. Can I ask ,in your area,do you have to fill in forms ,have photos taken and countersigned by a person in a "professional" position like Doctor etc, show full D/Licence ,photocopy of DWP mobility award and pay the £10 ?

Just curious as one member was saying that on their area,it was done by phone with debit card as long as Council could confirm with DWP you rec'd mobility component and lived in their borough,+£10.

Thanks,just curious.

We have to do all the jumping through hoops and I must say it seems like the world and his wife have badges out there !! They now have a thing where you have to collect it in person too .... well if you cannot get out o the house why would you want one ?? Might stop the abuse of them which we see too much of ...

When I got my mams had to get photo fill in forms and doctor involved paid 10 pound mine the hospice filled in no photograph and will need to ask on Friday if I owe them anything I don't get motobility or any other benefits but. I am going to apply for attendance allowance

Can I just give you a bit of advice on applying for AA. I applied twice and got refused then I was advised to get AgeUK to help, they came to my home and helped me. They know the way to word your answers. On the third attempt I was awarded the higher amount but you don't get mobility allowance with it. Keep smiling


Thank you Carole I'm glad you got it n the end I think they make it so stressfull that if refused give up

Glad to hear you have your blue badge Time-to-drink, Carole is right Age UK are very good at helping you get AA forms filled in so good luck and best wishes with your claim, PS sometimes hospices have staff who can help with the more practical issues of illness like claiming your entitlements, worth asking next time you are there. x

Hi Katie you are right they have a drop in service on a Thursday where you can pop in for advice and on Fridays whilst I am on the being in charge group Frank goes to a carers group and he can get advise hopefully will get help with the forms otherwise will try age uk like Carole suggested .I have the oxygen nurse coming today been a busy week xxxx

I think just leaving the house is a good thing ...so would suggest sticking as you are and maybe get there a bit earlier and have lunch or coffee or even breakfast ... kind of make a day of it ... parking is always a pain with or without a badge as we all know lol .... keep going xxxxx

I can see your point but because only 6 sessions and mind is on going think I will go with them because I have a lot of issues and I know I will need on going support take care xx

couldn't frank drop you at the entrance before parking,might make it easier for you. glad yesterday went well for you.

It's a long walk to rehab have to use wheelchair just had to send sample of to doctors fingers crossed nothing nasty xxx

What a busy time you're having!

It's been all go this week but looks like infection back

Oh no, that's all you need!

I know just so peed off

It's never ending hope you kick it to touch quickly. Saw doc today he thinks it's possible my problems could be Angina so it's X-rays on Tuesday and fingers crossed. Never rains but what it pours. Just got my driving license renewed I am already on a restricted one so I just hope I don't have to lose it. Love Rosabeth.

I will be crossing my fingers for you on Tuesday I hope you hang on to your driving licence it is one of my big regrets I never learned to drive but then again half the time can't tell left from right lol .Sons birthday Sunday we would normally have gone out for a meal upsetting can't do it .I did a daft thing decided to try and walk up stairs should not have attempted it felt really ill.On a lighter note my kaftan came today lovely colour .love Margaret x

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