My husband has copd and has had 11 courses of antibiotics and steroids in 13 months. I think he should be investigated further but his GP says they wouldn't give them on repeat prescription if it wasn't safe. He also has had a permanent cough now for 6 months but they are not bothering to investigate further. An X-ray came back clear but I have heard they don't show up everything and think he should have an MRI scan. Any advice please?

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Please please insist that your husband is referred to a lung specialist as he needs to be properly examined. Your GP doesn't know everything and an x-ray doesn't show everything either.

Let us know how things go please. Good luck xxx

Sorry to hear. It sounds as though your dh is pretty much on permanent treatmtent abs. Is his cough productive I wonder.

An xray would not usually be enough to give a full picture but would show if there was no active infection. A lung consultant referal would be best. It would not be an MRI Bird but a CT scan.

Good luck.


Thank you all for your kind thoughts and advice, will keep you informed as hubby going to ask for a second opinion

Hi you need to ask for a CT scan as this should show anything. If it doesn't and the symptoms persist the definitive answer is an MRI scan. Anything which is wrong will show up on that.

Yes I think I will as I am going to doctors with him this time.

Thanks for that.

Good luck with that! I know doctors (especially fund holding ones) hate referring coz it comes out of their budget, but you are entitled to a second opinion so insist on your rights. Let us know how you get on.

I believe that everyone should be referred to a specialist when diagnosed with COPD because I am finding that the GPS and Nurses at many surgeries haven't a clue about COPD ! it is unfortunate that most COPD patients dont get to see a specialist until they are admitted to hospital there needs to be a guideline change when it comes to lung disease xx

I agree with you shadow4me. I was referred to the resp clinc at a hospital and I see a consultant every 6 months.

You're husband needs a referral to see a respiratory consultant who will probably ask for as sputum test or ct scan,last year I had repeated infections over a long period,had a ct scan and diagnosed with Bronchietasis,an infection deep in the lung,got the right antibiotic to treat it and now I'm fine,there is help for you and hopefully things will improve for you're husband but insist on referral,good luck.


Thank you so much for your reply and to everyone else for taking the time to reply.

We have been back to see a different doctor and he has given my husband a different antibiotic and some capsules to clear the gunk on his chest. He doesn't think he needs a scan as he isn't coughing up blood or losing weight so will see how he gets on as to whether we need another opinion.

Many thanks

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