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I get what I perceive to be angina pain over my left chest. It's worse if I'm lying down or reclining. It's a tightness and pressure. The issue is I have been checked out by a cardiologist and had an ecg which was clear and he is saying its due to my lungs and just left it at that. The problem I have is that it invariably comes on when my breathing is clear.

My gut instinct is that this isn't right and something is clearly being missed. I'm tempted to push for an angiogram.

Any thoughts?



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Push for an angiogram if you are not happy. You know your body best. Take care and good luck to you. Xxxxxx

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There are a number of causes of chest pain. If it's not respiratory, or cardiac then it could be gastric which can also cause severe pain. You need to go back to your GP and discuss other possible causes.

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I had this and it was heartburn==Once I started taking tablets prescribed by dr it went away--Get it checked out tho---Mmet


An angiogram is a bit drastic at this stage. There are many causes of chest pain. The cardiologist says it isn't your heart. I would presume he/she knows what they are talking about. That leaves your lungs, digestive system and muscles. Or even bones. Pain in the chest can occur due to indigestion and be very painful while it lasts.


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