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Stopping all inhalers after 10 years!

I have been on Seretide and Spiriva for 10 years, but was informed that a move away from an inhaled steroid to a LAMA/LABA inhaler was more suitable - as I do not have regular exacerbation's or asthma.

A week ago told by a consultant to stop my inhalers after discussing this. Its very strange and I either have a cold or very mucus stage. A little fearful

Any advice please

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They as been some talk about using one inhaler rather than two for some time. Do you no the name of the replacement proposed?

Iam sure it will be more beneficial to take one rather than two, which often replicate each other.


Have you already stopped your old inhalers? If so I would speak to your doc again asap to get your lungs checked.

I have heard of other people who have had it suggested to them by the medical professional that they do not need their steroid inhaler and given a different prescribed medicine, one person was told inhaled steroids don't help their lung condition. Of course in some peoples cases no doubt this will be the case and mostly we have to be guided by what our own doctors recommend to us.

What has been a concern to me is that of the cases I have heard about where the steroid inhaler was withdrawn, the persons have experienced an exacerbation / lung infection and in the end have returned to their previously prescribed medication.

I know for some when the docs change their inhaler meds they do really well on the new inhaler med/s.

I do wonder sometimes... and this is purely my own view, the reason a person is stable for so long may just be that the medicine they are /were prescribed is suited to them and is working for them. If its not broke ..

If on the other hand there is another health reason the doctor wishes to take their patient off the inhaled steroid then I really think the doctor should explain that properly.

Hope your lung health improves soon and whatever medicine you are prescribed works as well as your previous prescription did.

One inhaler a day would be great :)

but sometimes one inhaler combo is just not enough or just is not suited to everyone, thankfully there are other options..

Do keep us updated how things go, I would be interested if you stick with your new inhaler medicine, and what your new inhaler medicine is called?

Best wishes and Be well.


I have note been given ANY other inhaler to use - though a LAMA/LABA type inhaler is what was thought to be a good replacement. Now on no inhaler at all. Cannot tell if I have a cold or a slight exacerbation!. Due back to the consultant in 3 months.

Thanks for your interest



I believe LAMA/LABA type inhaler's can be either non steroidal or with a steroid, but you mentioned it was suggested a move away from steroid inhaler?

How are you doing today?

do keep in touch.


Just had a read and think it sounds worth a try, could be better than the ones we are on...progress perhaps, good luck with it!😁 huff xx

Ps. You might need to see your doctor for your prescription if you didn't get one at your Consultation , it is dangerous to just stop all inhalers just like that, the new one you discussed sounds like it could be beneficial.If I stopped my inhaler's I wouldn't be able to breathe very well at all.Let us know how you get on , huff xx


Maybe this could be what made your GP stop the steroids for you.

I hope I've managed to do the link properly. xx

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thanks Casper99. I approached this new thinking with a new hospital consultant and that's when he said stop everything. But I expected a move over to LAMA/LABA as a replacement. The article says nothing about this - so presume all OK. Just a bit more chesty, which I suppose the seretide had been suppressing... thanks again Tess

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I have also had my medication changed from the normal 2 to 1the new one is called ANORO I was also one the other 2 for about 10 years and is much the same which is what my nurse said is what they are aiming for


Its the waiting for the 3 months before I am prescribed a replacement that is worrying, being without any medication at all and no discussion as to what to expect in this meantime......

Were you on Seretide?


Seretide500 for the best part of 10years


How has everyone been doing with their change in inhalers?


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