How long did it take you to come off ventilator? Copd

Just wondering how long it took some of you to come off ventilator once you were awake. My mother has been awake for 6 days and they are slowly weaning her off. She has tracheostomy and today they have shrunk the ballon inside the tube that stops the air escaping around the tube hence it's more difficult for her to breath. She had it for almost 2 hours in the morning and is going to have it for 2 hours this afternoon again. I read it somewhere that if it takes 7+ days, it's classed as a slow weaner

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I hope your mum is ok. Happy Easter to you all 😊 xx

Can't help with this particular query Akmama, but wanted to say you're all in my thoughts. Especially Mum..xx


I don't know what to say except share my own experience. Hope that might help.

My mother has ILD and was on ventilator for more than 20 days.and she has been successfully weaned off.

There is a lot you ll read on Internet. I was told it's tough for an ILD patient.

So ,if you are looking for hope.Trust me,there is always hope :)

Thank you all. Today we found her sitting in a chair and the ventilator has been switched off to see how she gets on and she was fine. Still get oxygen tho. Overall a huge turnaround in the last few days. She even asked for a mobile toilet and with help managed to sort herself. What an Easter surprise 😊

I am so pleased for you both. :)

The time taken to wean a person off a ventilator varies a lot. My son was on one for 11 weeks. His was after a serious accident.

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